Monday, January 01, 2007

Finished crib blanket

I managed to finish knitting this cabled crib blanket before the end of 2006. I started this blanket on 9/20 when I was eight weeks pregnant and starting to feel really nauseous. The knitting helped me get through that first trimester- stitch at a time and day at a time. It was fun to watch it grow along with my expanding belly. I am very pleased to have it completed. All that white yarn (while lovely and soft) was starting to get boring.

Kylie's Cabled Crib Blanket
Yarn: Blue Sky Organic Cotton
Needles: US 9 circular
Pattern: "Quick Knitted Afgans" book by Stauffer. The original pattern called for a 64" x 50" blanket. I opted to make it 30" x 50".
Finished 12/29/06

Happy New Year Everyone!
[23w, 0d]
[27 Babies R Us visits]


Caroline said...

What a beautiful blanket. Happy New Year to the three of you. 2007 is going to be a great year for you guys.

Mo said...

It is very beautiful. I am totally impressed by all the preparations you are managing to get done including handmade creations. Happy 2007!

more BEANS please said...

It is so beautiful. What an exciting year awaits you both :)

Stacey said...

Beautiful! You are really talented. :)

Holly said...

only 27 babies r us visits? that's it?
Love love love the blanket. kudos to you for having the patience to knit one!