Monday, January 22, 2007

Who is the warm one?

During a plethora of Sunday night television shows, including Rome, The L Word, Desperate Housewives, and Battlestar Galactica, I was able to finish knitting these fingerless gloves for Karen.

This pregnancy has really affected my body temperature. Karen used to be the "warm one" and I was the "cool one" but our roles have reversed. These days, I'll run around the house with just a t-shirt on and the heat cranked down, while Karen is stuck wearing both a turtleneck and sweatshirt just to stay warm. Many times, I'll reach down to hold her hand and find that her fingers are chilly. So I whipped up these handwarmers for her. Aren't they lovely? Pattern and yarn information can be found here.

I have to add that last night was a bit of a hard night. I awoke at 1:30am feeling extremely nauseous and very sweaty. It didn't pass for at least an hour and then started up again at around 5:00am. And then this morning, after my Jazzercise class, the nausea hit me again. It felt very similar to the constant pukey feeling during the first trimester so I'm thinking that my hormones just kicked in to high gear or something. Or my body didn't like that mexican food for dinner. Or perhaps I was fighting a bug. But last night in my panicked, "I'm going to throw up" mode, I was convinced that it was food poisoning. Good grief, wouldn't that be awful! And then I started worrying about failing my upcoming glucose test. How about you? Did any of you experience these type of symptoms in your second or third trimesters?



Bella said...

I found your blog by way of RSG. I love your knitting. It is really good. I am working on an afghan right now. Not sure if it will ever be completed.

Stacey said...

Nice little fingerless gloves. :)

Sorry about the nausea. I have had a couple moments of feeling that way recently but it left quickly. I have felt sick from spicy food at times and have limited my spicy food intake, even though I normally love it.

Holly said...

We have exactly the same role reversal too. I used to be the warm one and Lois was always cold. Now, she's a human furnace.

Momai said...

Right there with you on the temperature stuff. I've been so warm lately that the family nudist has had to get used to wearing layers!

And yeah, I've been having some random bits of nausea again in the past couple weeks. Not fun.