Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Laughter is the best medicine

Wendy looked over at me a bit ago, pointed to her chest and announced "I've got a uni-boob"! Now, that's funny! I mean, her chest has been growing in leaps and bounds as her pregnancy has progressed but "uni-boob"! What? Through my sputtering laughter, I had to ask her what she meant. Her reply was to lift her chest in her hands and say "Well, they used to be so perky and lifted and now, well... there's just this one continuous bump". You see, we're on the second attempt to find a comfortable bra that fits my dear one and the latest find is a bra by Medela (the Pump-in-Style breast pump people) that, while quite comfy for her, does kind of mash her girls just a bit into what I suppose you could call a uni-boob.

In the end, it may not seem that funny to you, but for what ever reason, it struck me as utterly hilarious....and I needed a good laugh! My girl can crack me up when I least expect it and I love it when she gets me good and tickled. I think these past couple of weeks since "the incident" have been a bit tense for me and each note of laughter that can be injected into the day is like a sweet, cool breeze on a hot day. For a few brief moments, I'm not worried about what happened or what might happen tomorrow or the next day...I'm just blissfully laughing in the moment.

Yes, laughter is truly the best medicine there is!

- Karen


Stacey said...

Laughter is great. :) I am having a weird image of a uni-boob in my head.

Holly said...

i think laughing at ourselves during life is often the best way to survive. this entire pregnancy for us has been about poking fun at as much as possible.
Lois gave up on maternity bras. there's definitely some major growth occuring to her girls as well. it's comical in more ways than one.