Wednesday, January 17, 2007

When did that happen?

Lately I've found myself supporting my weight often. When I put on undies, pants, socks or shoes, I'll rest one hand on my dresser for extra support. When did this start happening? I used to be able to bring my foot up to my belly button, while balancing easily on the other leg to put on a sock. It was a dancer-like skill that came to me as easily as brushing my hair. Now all of a sudden, I'm clutching on to furniture to do the simplest of moves. Hmmmm.....

I've also become addicted to rubbing my belly in circles. I rub it all the time! Who knew that rubbing my belly could be so dang soothing? Or so publicly acceptable? I have to tell you that I'm already dreading the loss of this wonderful sensation once the baby is born. Maybe I'll start a national campaign with a slogan like, "Women! Pat your bellies! It feels friggin' awesome!" or something like that. I mean if men can publicly "adjust themselves" we should be able to give our lovely bellies a little circular pat. Who knows? It might start a wave of renewed self-esteem in women. We would no longer eschew our bellies with sighs of remorse but rather give them loving little pats. (Go ahead and pat your belly for a minute right now. It will make you smile.)

Lastly, my forgetful placenta-brain has reached a new level. Early in the pregnancy, I could remember at any moment the items on my to-do list...I just had no real desire to do them. Now, I can't even remember what's on the list. This results in me walking around in a daze and occasionally telling Karen, "I think I've forgotten something. I just have no idea what it is".

I can hear you saying, "Write down your to-do list so that you don't forget". Nope. Don't want to do that either. I'll have the thought, "You should write that down" but it's quickly followed by an "Who cares?' attitude or my new favorite phrase, "I don't give a fig". It's really quite liberating for this former over-organizing queen! Don't know when this happened, but I'm enjoying it.



Stacey said...

That's great that you don't give a fig. I think that's how life should be lived. ;) Putting on socks is the worst, especially if you want to put some cream on your feet first. It's just so hard--should be considered an exercise of some sort. ;)

Dee said...

Oh, to have the mental freedom from to do lists. I would love it! I'm envious. I did the belly rub. It is quite soothing. :)