Monday, January 15, 2007

Random musings

On New Years Day, a friend asked me if I was going to make any resolutions for 2007. Before I could answer, she laughed and said, "You could resolve to get less sleep. That's a resolution you know you'll achieve". She nailed that prediction. I just didn't realize my sleeplessness would kick in quite this soon.

In college, I created the mantra "Sleep hard, sleep fast". This meant that I needed to fall asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow and to make my sleep as restorative as it could be in the short time that I could give it.

Nowadays, I'll fall asleep around 10 or 11pm and sleep HARD. But then I wake up at 2:00 and then at 3:00 and 4:00... well, you get the picture. I'll go out on a limb and say that this baby is going to want a 2:00am feeding. Because when I wake up at 2:00, I'm WIDE awake and fully alert. I swear that baby Kylie is prepping my system to attend to her needs.

Part of the wakefulness is feeling the baby kick, or the need to go to the bathroom, but it seems more than that. And the rest of the early morning's sleep is just off. This past week, I was tickled pink with 2 out of 7 nights of "good sleep". I knew that sleep could become a challenge in the third trimester. I just didn't expect it to start at 24 weeks! And if it's like this now, who knows what it will be like later!


I went swimming for the first time in a long time this Sunday. I swam for around 30 minutes and it was fabulous. Floating weightless was worth the "joy" of putting on a bathing suit. And it really helped the swelling and circulation in my hands and feet. I plan to swim at least once a week from here on out.


When I first found out I was pregnant, I had this scatter-brained idea of letting my super-short hair grow out. You see, any time I gain any weight (even a pound or two), I can see the gain in my face. And I've had more than a few moments of stamping my feet and crying, "That's not fair!" about this situation. So when I knew I was going to gain a bunch of weight, I thought it would be smart to let the hair grow out, thinking particularly that a longer length would help my face look more angular and less round/fat.

BAD IDEA!! The self-esteem dip of letting your hair grow out along with letting it go back to it's original color (no more blonde highlights) and the dip of an ever-growing belly is just TOO MUCH! Now I remember why I've worn my hair short for so many years. My hair looks crappy longer. It just lays there like a limp rag and no amount of fussing with it helps. So tomorrow, it gets cut. And if I look like a bowling ball face (complete with sagging jowls) with a bit of peach-fuzz on top, so be it. I hope and I pray that this is the right decision!


I just finished reading "I Don't Know How She Does It' by Allison Pearson. It's a fiction book about a working mom trying to do it all. I got a bit frustrated in reading how frenetic the main character's life was but it had some very clever writing so I stuck with it. It certainly has some laugh-out-loud moments and many times I found myself nodding along with the author's assessment of how women and working mothers are treated in the workplace. A light-hearted, easy read that I'm happy to recommend.

[25 weeks, 0 days]


Mo said...

My sleeping was much better after the babies was born. Yes, I had to be semi-awake/conscious to nurse them a couple times a night, but I slept hard when we weren't feeding. Hopefully Kylie will be a good sleeper other than the feedings too. And from the pictures you have posted, I think you look great! I know each person is usually her worst critic, but you look about as healthy, proportional, perky as is possible during pregnancy.

Anonymous said...

Hi my name is Emily...I am a lurker on your blog...I have never commented before. Let me start off by saying I love reading your blog and wish you both tons of luck with the baby. I do have a questions, unrelated to your current post. I remember reading that you changed your last name. I was interested in finding out how you went about it. I want to do the same thing. Can you please email

Lynanne said...

I agree with mo that you look fabulous in the photos you've posted.

As for not getting any sleep - I agree that the lack of sleep is easier to a certain extent after the baby is born. The hormones of pregnancy always make me wide awake (and panicky) in the middle of the night but when my newborn wakes me up, I can quickly go back to sleep again.

I think people who tell you, "your life is going to change after baby is born" don't realize/forget how much your life ALREADY changes while you are pregnant.

Anonymous said...

the swimming is great, isn't it?
and i've been thinking of chopping my hair off too, although that's partly because of our super-hot weather we're having at the moment.

Dee said...

Good luck with the haircut. Can't wait to hear how you feel after.

Stacey said...

Sleeping is tough. The other night Angele passed out 3 hours before me even though we both had little sleep the night before and were exhausted. I was just wired for some reason. I usually fall asleep and stay asleep but this pregnancy thing makes sure the wee hours are spent waking repeatedly, tossing and turning and taking trips to the bathroom. Fun! :-P

Good luck with the haircut. I also gain weight in my face first. Hate it. I have short hair right now and find it easier to manage. I just hate doing my own hair. Whenever I let it grow longer, it's just thick and heavy and doesn't do anything.