Friday, January 19, 2007

A bit of pampering

I treated myself to a bit of pampering yesterday and had a manicure/pedicure. Oh my! I went to the Coldwater Creek Spa and was it ever decadent! The manicure was good but the pedicure was an absolute sensation. They put a hot wrap around my neck, a cooling compress over my eyes, put a wonderful smooshie pillow behind my back, covered me with a warm blanket and laid me back in a zero gravity chair....heaven! I vaguely remember the time passing and 45 minutes later, my "nail therapist" had to nudge me to tell me it was over.

I picked out a fairly opaque color, called Negligee (don't you love that?!?), for my fingernails and a hot red for my toes called Hollywood. Cute, huh?

Cute, huh? :) I can't wait for Kylie, Wendy and I to all go have a girl's day out someday in the future and all get our nails done together!

- Karen
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Dee said...

I love pamper days! Love the colors as well. I always go plain on top and flashy on bottom as well.