Friday, September 07, 2007

Lip-sucking concentration

Kylie's newest thing is to suck in her bottom lip while she's concentrating. It looks like this:

And this:

I simply love her determination. But it's hard not to fall over laughing when she makes faces like this:

Of course, she is still our Smiley Kylie and rewards her camera-happy mommy with moments like this:

And this:

Have a great weekend everyone!


Audra said...

What a cutie pie!!!

Kathryn said...

That child is so beautiful.

Ethan Barry's Momma said...

I love the smiles and the cute faces. Thanks for sharing!

Caroline said...

She is so beautiful. My favorite is the second picture. Sooooooooo cute.

Stacey said...

too cute! love the lip sucking.

Riley sticks out her tongue and grunts when she's concentrating. :P

ajs4ever said...

Absolutely adorable!!

Anonymous said...

sooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!