Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Back, down and all around

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Kylie has been making me laugh with her new skill of backing up. Here is an exaggerated version-- she's backing up to the fountain spray.

Around the house, she backs up to doors and stands against them. She likes to back up to her chair and to my lap. One day, I made the moving truck noise, "beep, beep, beep". And she copied me and said "beep, beep" while still backing up. It's the little things around here that crack me up.

She has also recently delighted me by learning how to lower herself from sitting to lying down without using her arms. She's getting a great ab workout. She mostly does this in the grass. She'll be sitting there, playing with the grass. And then she'll slowly lay down and sigh. She blinks at the sky and rolls her head around to feel the grass. This kid makes me appreciate the smallest things.

She has two new favorite snacks.

We found Pirate's Booty at Costco. They were offering free samples and Kylie had three! This is her new official "car food". She usually has Cheerios but now she's all about the Booty! (that was fun to type.)

And Raisins.

I held off giving her raisins until mid August. I wanted her to have some molars first so that she wouldn't just swallow the raisins whole. I thought she would love them and she does. Raisins have outpaced bananas as her new favorite food. She has some every day.

You Photo and Scrapbooking folks might be interested in It's a free source that creates a library of your favorite images. Be sure to add the browser plugin because that's what makes it really work well. This site helps me out a lot because I turn to other's scrapbook pages as inspiration for my own. Previously, I had been downloading ones I really like and saving them to my computer. But with this nifty thing, I can spare my hard drive. Plus, each picture has an automatic link back to where you find it. Jessica Sprauge turned me on to this. You can see her account here.

Here's some recent scrapbook pages.

This is a two-page spread. Click here for a closer look.

This is from my Type+Writer class

Have a great day!


f said...

OMG that is genius. I've been looking for something like this, and just using but this is AWESOME. Thank you for the tip! Beep beep beep...backing away from the computer for some lunch :-)

Meredith said...

I've been reading about your family for the last few months. My partner and I are just beginning the journey to having our own "little one" and I'm so happy to read about Kylie's new discoveries. Thank you so much.

Anonymous said...

That photo is hilarious! Such concentration on her face!. Thanks so much for sharing.

Stacey said...

the backing up photo is funny.

riley used to do the backing up into things constantly. it is hilarious.

never heard of the booty. hahah

Soupy said...

OMG - I AM SO LOL at the backing up thing- K has been doing this for a few weeks as well- who would've known it was a developmental thing? LOL She backs up into us, walls, etc. and now her puppy reading chair- she often starts halfway across the room backwards to her chair and misses by a long shot.
LOVE the website you found and I have been debating on getting the pirate's booty for some time-is it messy? (in thecar?) and is it really cheesy like?

Library Mary said...

It's always all about the booty.......don't you know!!!

Great pics and layouts.

I'm proud to be a "follower"

Anonymous said...

I think that your photos have really become magnificant. Really really great! And I love that first page - so sweet! I can't believe how old she looks... What happened to our babies?

Holly said...

I love love love that walking spread. The scrapbooking is fabulous.

We love pirate booty in our house too.