Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Closed doors

We have a small walk-in closet in Kylie's room. Lately, Kylie has started walking into her closet and shutting the door. The first time she did it, I was alarmed because I thought she would get upset being away from me. Quite the opposite was true.

She wanted to be in there and have some private play time. She did it again this morning. As I sat in the room's rocker and read a book, it was hard to not worry. I just kept telling myself that the closet is completely child safe and that she's not going to hurt herself or smother or anything. But I still checked on her twice during the 20 minutes she was in there. Each time, she was simply playing with toys. And each time, she stood up, smiled at me and then shut the door.


And as I write this, I can hear you Moms with older kids saying, "Get used to it honey! There's going to be a lot of closed (slammed) doors in your face in the coming years."

I know. Sigh.
(Note- the above picture was taken in May. Hasn't she changed a bunch?!)

We just shifted some stuff around in Kylie's room. And I found myself wishing that I had taken more pictures of how her room has changed during her different growth stages. I'm bad about not taking full room pictures because I have a macro lens on my camera. But I resolve to do better. And let this be a lesson to all you. Take pictures of your rooms or you might regret it!

In other news, I am in love with these toddler yoga pants.

They are from The Children's Placeand they fit Kylie perfectly. They are having a sale right now so head on over to their online store.
We found The Children's Place by visiting a mall across town. I just love the bright, vibrant colors of their clothes.

And I especially love these pants. Kylie is wearing 18 month shirts and 12 month pants. And even her 12 month pants are too long in length and don't come up high enough on her body. As a result, I see her diaper all day long (unless she's in a onesie) and I'm constantly pulling them up or rolling up the bottoms. But these yoga pants have a great amount of spandex so they hug her thin frame really well. And they are the perfect length.

Lastly, here is a scrapbook page I made last night. The template is from Jessica Sprauge's Type+Writer class. She has such awesome templates. The finished pages I've created from her class have such wonderful details that add to the overall beauty of the page. In particular on this page, I learned how to create a word overlay (using a word pattern paper). The words treasure, enjoy, laugh and more are on the edges of the focal photo and on the subtitile.

The class prompt for this page was "I love the things you say". And it was a great jourmaling prompt for me. Without it, I don't think I would have recorded the story about this nonsensical song that Karen sings to Kylie. You'll probably have to click hereto read the journaling.


Stacey said...

We love The Children's Place too. Some of Riley's comfy clothes come from there. We buy the boy jeans though as we don't like how skinny/tight the girl jeans are.

Riley only now fits 18 month shirts without rolling the sleeves and her 18 month pants are always a little too long. :P

That's a cute story but I can see how you might be a little concerned with her out of sight. It's hard to let go little by little as they grow older. :)

Library Mary said...

Regarding the's more of a "space"'s a room that's more her size really. More than anything else I would guess.