Thursday, September 25, 2008

Swings & swimming suits

One of my mainstays of taking care of Kylie all day is to take her to the park. She LOVES the swings.

This is Kylie watching her swinging shadow. She was lifting her arms and waving them to see her shadow do the same.

She also likes tucking her hands around the seat like this. I have no idea why. It must be fun for her because look at that bemused look.

She's also started carrying one of her bathing suits around the house and in the car. She chews on it, slings it around her neck and carries it around all day. I think she likes its silky texture, the sunscreen smell and perhaps the fun memories of having it on in the swimming pool and fountain. She's not had a security object before now--perhaps this is one?


Soupy said...

I love it. K also loves to swing and she loves to carry around my bras! LOL Ahhh,kids. Love them!

Stef A. said...

The shadow pics are really cool.

Makes me want to go out and play with my own shadow again like when I was a kid!