Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Taking a stroll

I've noticed that Kylie is walking more confidently. She walks around obstacles instead of tripping on them and she adjusts for height differences such as walking from the sidewalk to the grass.

She still holds her arms up but now they are in what I affectionately call the "monster pose".

Grrrr! Coming to getcha!

She's also really into stomping. It makes her laugh when I say, "Stomp, stomp, stomp" as she's stomping. Her favorite stomping place is this metal utility cover.

Don't you just LOVE to watch kids squat? Seriously, I'm so impressed with this. I could watch her do this all day.

Here's another shot. Her rear isn't touching the ground and her knees are holding her up. Amazing!

We have a neighborhood cat that comes running when he sees us walking. He knows he will get lots of loving pats from us. He even lets Kylie pet him (something our own cats won't let her do).

Here's Kylie playing with some walnut shells a squirrel left behind. I really like this shot.

No stroll would be complete until Kylie touches our neighbor's yard art raccoons. I don't care for concrete animals in my own yard but I can see why people get them. Kids LOVE them. Kylie has to pet the raccoons every day before she'll consider coming back into our house.

Oh, how I love my smiley Kylie.

Give me some love on these picture folks. I shot them in MANUAL mode. Big step for me.


Kerry Lynn said...

They're all perfect! Seriously!
Now was that so hard?? ;-)

Unknown said...

These pictures are gorgeous!
(It sure helps to have such a cute subject!)

Anonymous said...

You have done an incredible job on the photos! I have found that the more confidence I have in my abilities to shoot manual, the better the pictures come out! Have confidence, you are doing great!!

I love how she stops to pet the racooons. Thaya has little concrete duck friends that she likes to stop and pet :)

Audra said...

great photos!!! What camera do you use?

And what a gorgeous little girl!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures! I love the 2nd "monster" photo! Too precious!

Wendy and Karen said...

Hi Audra,

Thanks for your comment! I use a Nikon D50 camera. I keep a 50mm 1:2.8D Macro lens on it.

traci said...

The pictures are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

The pictures are great!!! Taking picures outside in the natural light can be a difficult task. I think you did a great job. You alway catch her at wonderful moments. The pictures you have of Kylie will bring you joy for your lifetime! She is so beautiful and I just love to see her personality shine in her pictures. What a smiley baby you have!

Stacey said...

love the pictures.

Anonymous said...

man, what I would give to squat again like that. my knees just won't bend that way anymore, lol.

Great pics =)

The Maven said...

How on earth do you handle her cuteness every single day? I'd just hug her all day long. What a sweetheart!

You did a great job with the pictures. I was admiring the quality well before you said anything about how they were shot. Great job!

f said...

I'm learning how to shoot manually too, so believe me when I say these are AWESOME. If you can get these results on some of your first tries, you're totally golden. From here on out it's just gravy! You did a great job with the lighting - it's soft but not hazy and not harsh at all. It's such a fun and rewarding hobby, isn't it? I'm taking a photo class this year and my first assignment is to submit my three favourite photos that I've taken, and my three favourites from others.

looking forward to seeing your progress!

BTW - I got a fantastic book for my camera. It's a Rebel but I know they have one in the same line for your camera. I'll post it here later - it's been invaluable to have while learning to shoot manual!

Lynanne said...

Simply awesome. Wow!