Monday, September 08, 2008

Ten New Things

  • 1. Me-Ma
    Kylie has called both Karen and I "Momma" since she was 8 months old. Around the house and in front of Kylie, I go by Mommy and Karen is Momma. But Kylie has created her own word for me which is Me-Ma (it sounds like Mommy in reverse). I kind of like it but I would still prefer Mommy.

  • 2. Socks and slippers
    When Kylie was younger, she couldn't stand to have socks on her feet. She would pull them off as soon as we put them on. Then, as she was learning to walk, we had her go barefoot at home so that she could get a better grip. But now that she is walking well, she loves her socks (I think the Gymboree non-skids are the best for around the house). And we bought her a pair of slippers which she adores.

  • 3 & 4 New shoes and sidewalk chalk.

    Her new Fall shoes are size 4 1/2. And Kylie doesn't really draw with the chalk but she likes to carry it around. She HAS made marks on all the utility covers on our sidewalks and in the street. Little faint pink chalk marks that say, "Kylie was here".

  • 5. Beep
    Kylie says "beep, beep" when the microwave beeps.

  • 6. And she holds her hand to her ear when the phone rings. She always says something but rarely says "Hi" or "Hello". Mostly it sounds like, "Eh?"

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  • 8. I changed some settings on my camera for the first time today. I changed the lighting to florescent and the ISO to 800 to shoot these photos at Gymboree. Last time I took pictures at Gymboree, everything came out blurry and very orange so this in an improvement!

    (I love the Mom's expression in the back of the bottom photo). Click here if you would like a closer look or if you are interested in the camera settings.

  • 9. The Sunday afternoon photos posted to the blog this morning were tweaked using Scott Kelby's Photoshop System.

  • 10. Today was the first day of my Type+Writer class.

  • 11. And I'm registered Candice Stringham's6-week beginning photography class. I really wanted into this class last quarter but it sold out in 7 minutes and I wasn't able to get in. So I was sitting in front of my computer promptly at 6pm Pacific, hitting my browser's refresh button until registration opened. I notice that it's sold out again which is amazing. Wouldn't you love to be a teacher of something that people wanted so much that your classes filled up that quickly? It must be an incredible feeling.

    Anyway, I'm a beginning photo geek. I took pictures of Kylie all day today (poor little munchkin). I'll post some more later. I'm having a lot of fun with this.

    So what's new with you?

    Kerry Lynn said...

    If I'm indoors I usually just go ahead and put the ISO to 1600. There's definitely a little noise but it can be cleaned up easily enough.

    Have you played with the depth of field at all?

    f said...

    Way to go with the photos. I'm taking a photography class this semester too! Our first assignment is to bring in 3 photos of our own that we love, and 3 taken by others. And we have to talk a little about why we're drawn to these particular photos. I'm loving the class because it's at the local Arts Center instead of on campus, so I'm meeting tons of people from other walks of life and interests. Will be fun to compare notes!

    Anonymous said...

    Great Photos!.

    I take hundreds of my God Daughter and it is so tempting tempting to have the camera sitting on auto, as she is so quick (she is now 19months old)But the pictures are just so much better in manual. It just takes a bit of courage- well done! Keep up the great work.

    Holly said...

    She is so cute. I can't believe how busy she is and how smart! The pictures, as always, are wonderful!

    Wendy and Karen said...

    Hey Kerry!

    I don't know squat about depth of field. Wanna teach me?