Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A few fun things

Kylie was very opinionated today. And I seemed to irritate her by doing the smallest things like offering her sidewalk chalk on our walk or by insisting on her outdoor shoes instead of her house shoes. There were lots of frustrated toddler yells today.

But Kylie did do some very funny and cool things! Such as:
  • She stuffed her large Elmo doll into her Little People barn. She just kept pushing until she got him all the way in there. "Get in there and stay in there". And there he stayed all day!
  • She walked across the playground gym bridge all by herself.
  • And she crawled up the many stairs of the playground slide by herself, turned around and slid down the slide feet first on her belly. I forgot to breathe for a few seconds but she just looked at me triumphantly and proceeded to do again 6 more times.
    Way to go Kylie!

    Here are a few scrapbook pages:
    This template is from the Type+Writer class.

    And I finally got around to creating Kylie's 16 month milestone page--just in time to start working on her 17 month one.

    Details for the pages are here and here.
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    Stacey said...

    they do the weirdest stuff. sometimes you have to wonder how they came up with the game they're playing (i.e. elmo in the barn).