Monday, September 29, 2008

G.L.B.T. Meme

Erin posted this meme on her blog. And Kerry Lynn commented that she was curious about my answers, so here goes!

Are you sure of your sex.ual orientation? Or are you confused?
Very sure

Are you open with your sex.uality? Or is it a secret?
Out and open

Who was the 1st person you told that you're a les.bian?
Well my first girlfriend outed me to my Mom instead of waiting for me to tell her. So it quickly became a race to tell the rest of my friends and family before she did. The first person I told was my Dad.

Is your hair short, medium, or long?

Would you ever shave your head?
If I had to have chemo and my hair was falling out, I would shave it. I think having my hair bleached pure blonde was the worst hair mistake I ever made. It quickly turned as yellow as a canary.

Do you own anything with the Gay Rainbow on it?
We have an Obama rainbow pin. Kylie has a rainbow 2-moms onesie. I'm sure we have others I just can't think of them now.

Do you consider yourself a Stud, Androgynous, or Femme?

What type of females are you most attracted to?
Smart ones.

What FAMOUS Les.bian is your favorite?
Ellen. So beautiful and so funny.

Do you like watching The L Wo.rd?
Yep. It's a sexy soap opera. Alice is my favorite character with Bette running a close second.

What is your favorite les.bian movie?
Fried Green Tomatoes

Do you have any Pride tattoos? If not, would you ever get one?
No tattoos for me.

Do you go to G.ay/Les.bian clubs?
Last time I went was when we were on vacation in Provincetown.

Would you ever be a King? (If you're not already)

What name would you go by if you did do Drag?
Well I wouldn't have a drag name. But my boy name was Wendell. As a child, several people called me that. I never understood why at the time.

Have you ever been mistaken for a Male?
Nope. But recently, several people have thought that Kylie is my grand-daughter rather than my daughter. I have to bite my tongue to keep from saying, "Just because I had fun in my 20's and early 30's instead of popping out babies like you did, does not make me old enough to be a grandmother."

Would you ever have a s.ex change to become a Male?
Never. I love being a woman.

How do you feel about Homo.phobia?
It sucks. Some people are scared of the strangest things. I also feel sad for anyone who can't embrace change. They must have a lot of fear in their lives when things inevitably change.

How do you feel about G.ays/Les.bians having children?
Obviously okay since I'm a parent. We decided to have a child because we had an abundance of time, money, energy and love. I wish all parents could say the same.

If it were legal, would you marry another Female?
It's legal right now in Oregon. But we are waiting for the dust to settle before getting married ourselves. I would love it if gay marriage was legal throughout the US and constitutionally guaranteed in Kylie's lifetime.

Have you ever attended a G.ay P.ride Festival?
Oh yeah! The best one was in Provincetown.

Do you wear make-up?
Occasionally. More for special events or when I need a pick-me-up than day-to-day use.

Do you carry a wallet - or a purse?

Do you wear Male clothes?

Do you prefer wearing cologne instead of perfume?
Perfume. I wear Flower by Kenzo. I love the scent and the beautiful bottle.

Do you have several piercings & tattoos?

Do you have a crush on a female celebrity, if so, who?
Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Lopez, Angelina Jolie, just to name a few.

Do you have more G.ay/Les.bian/Bi friends than you do Straight friends?
Pretty even split

Have you ever been g.ay bashed?
Lots of nasty stares but no direct words. In the South I got a lot of that "hate the sin but love the sinner" stuff. And once someone told me that they thought being a lesbian was like being a drug addict. That I was addicted to a sinful thing but this person "loved me in Christ" anyway. I was bemused at the time he said it because I thought he was one of the weirdest, perviest people I had met in a while even before he said that.

Did anyone stop having contact with you after you came out of the closet?
Yep. My childhood friend Sherry. Just too hard for her to accept. I miss her.

What is your favorite g.ay/les.bian quote?
I don't know that I have a favorite but this one comes to mind. For people who think that I'm going to H*ll, rather than argue and say that I'm a Christian, that I believe that God is love and loves me no matter what, etc., I simply say, "Well, I better make the most before I roast".

Do you believe you were born a lesbian?
I go back and forth on this one.

Are you proud? Or ashamed of your sexuality?
Proud and modest--it can be done.


Caba said...

What a great and honest meme! I love your quote! I'm going to have to use that one (I'm an atheist, gasp!)

I truly hope that gay marriage is constitutionally guaranteed before Kylie is even old enough to know what constitutionally guaranteed means!

Kerry Lynn said...

Thank you! That was great.
I really just wanted to know if you were a drag king. HAHA!!!!!