Wednesday, October 08, 2008


It seems awkward to share this with you. But I've put a ticker on the right sidebar of the blog with a goal of running 250 miles before the end of 2008.

I've run 16 out of the last 24 days. And I've run 3 miles each time. I run pushing Kylie in her stroller around 7:30 in the morning. Kylie is wonderful support. After her breakfast, she starts banging on the door wanting to go out for our run.

I run for the endorphins.
I run to have time with Kylie but also time for myself.
I know she is taken care of and that all her needs are met so I crank up the music on my iPod and run.
Some days she smiles and claps.
Other days she whines.
But each morning, she wants to go again.
It is fantastic to listen to music on my iPod as I move with her.
I've never considered myself a runner.
But lately, I've been enjoying it.

I'm nervous that sharing this with you will somehow curse the good luck I've had so far. I'm also nervous that buying this Bundle Me will end the good luck. Have you ever done that? Ruined a project or idea by buying something for it? I have. But this addition to our stroller will help me out. I've been wrapping Kylie's legs in a blanket for our runs. But she's been kicking it off which makes me stop, pick it up, and tuck her back in. My legs scream at me when I have to jerk to a halt while running like that. So Karen encouraged me to get this sleeping bag type thingy for the stroller. It keeps Kylie incredibly warm (and dry in case of rain).

Moving on to something I'm more comfortable writing about.

This layout consumed me for two days.

Here are close-ups to the left and right pages along with the credits.

I had taken a bunch of pictures and notes on September 8th but was intimidated about putting it all together into a scrapbook layout. I was inspired by Ali Edwards' latest project so I got busy scrapping. It's all I worked on in my free time. And I'm so pleased with the finished result.

Now I think I'll go soak in the tub.


Anonymous said...

This is gorgeous! Is it all digital or did you print out the photos and adhere them? Did you print it at home? I really want to do some of my pages from the project 12x12 but can't print them at home. Nice, nice work!

Wendy and Karen said...

Hi Heather,

It's all digital. The layered template really helps because I can resize the pictures. Let me know if you want more info about using a layered template.

Ali Edwards also makes overlays for 8 1/2 x 11 pages. You can find her stuff on

I print my scrapbook pages at Costco (Sam's also does 12x12 pages). I've been very pleased with the photo quality. I pick them up at my local store. Usually it only takes an hour or two for them to print the order I place online.

Let me know if you have other questions. And good luck on your project!

Jen said...

That's an impressive goal! We'll be rooting you on. I'm sure that is cherished time for yourself as well as time to enjoy being with Kylie. I completely relate to the enthusiasm of cranking up the iPod. Mine hasn't seen much use as of late and I really miss it.

Anonymous said...

I think it's awesome that you run! Oh how I would love to run. I do good just to power-walk around my block twice. I WANT to RUN. My ipod is full of essential tunes but so far I just power-walk to them all.

Keep on keepin' on =)

The ScrapFan said...

Hi from another Ali E fan! Your LO is awesome - well done! I enjoyed perusing your blog and I plan to scraplift some of your fab LO's!