Monday, January 12, 2009

Lazy weekend and nothing but pictures

This past weekend was one of those lazy ones that goes by in a blink. I've got a few new photos to share with you.

It's soooo muddy out here right now.

My 20 month old getting a new pair of pants--size 18 months. She's so little!

Lunchtime. Kylie is saying, "Put down the camera and help me eat!"

Kylie's favorite play activity is to put different groups of toys in the windowsills. Little Ponies get their own windowsill, so do Little People. Over the weekend, we got her this set of "Professional People". When we got home that day, she saw her raincoat hanging in the garage and insisted on wearing it for over an hour in the house. You've got to wonder at what goes through their brains.

Early Sunday morning. Kylie is still in her pj's. She grabbed my empty coffee cup and made slurping noises. She looks so much like me here that it is scary--just a chip off the ole block.
For fun, I added one of The Pioneer Woman's Free Photoshop Actions titled "colorize" to this photo. I like the effect!

I bought some yarn on Saturday and knit Kylie this fun hat.

And I completed two scrapbook pages:
Kylie's dress

Ice Cream Coat

Hope you had a good weekend and that your week is starting off well!


kiles1670 said...

You are both blessed to have such a gorgeous girl.
I follow your blog everyday and love reading all your new adventures :-)

Stacey said...

love the hat and the pictures!

riley still wears 18 month for the length. she's just now getting in 24 month jeans but they have to be rolled up. and she's almost 23 months old!

Sommer, Laura, and Evan said...

I found your blog through the PLOP website...we have yet to make it to a meeting. Where did you get the little 'professional' people? Those are too cute!

Wendy and Karen said...

Hi Sommer and Laura!

I popped over to your blog and you have one cute little kiddo! That smile!

Anyway, I got the Professional People set from The Learning Palace that is near the Bridgeport shopping center near Lake Oswego. There are other Learning Palaces in Oregon--here's a link.

The toy is from Lakeshore Learning and is called "Block Play People" -item no RR637.

They also have Hispanic family, Black family, Native American family, White family, and Asian family as well as People wit Disabilities. Just no Two-Mom or Two Dad families. Oh well!


Rhiann said...

Awww Kylie is so sweet! I just LOVE her muddy knees! Evidence of a carefree childhood.

Allura is teeny too. She's 18 months and currently wears 12 months mostly and can squeeze into some 6-9 month tops.

While it's nice that clothes last a long time, sometimes I crave a bit of variety!