Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Hat and 365 Projects

Kylie is deeply in love with her new hat. She wore it practically all day.

She wore it while playing in a laundry basket.

The moment she woke up from her nap she wanted it on.

And she wore it to the park where we enjoyed a beautiful sunny day.

Cute as a button but kiddo had some serious hat hair by the end of the day.

I've noticed that there is a lot of energy out there in blogland about 365 projects where you take a picture and/or blog every day of the year. I did a photo-a-day of Kylie during the month of May last year and by the end of the month, I was all too happy to put the camera down for a while.

And so I've raised my eyebrows at the sheer number of people who have taken this project on (over 8,000 in one of the Flickr groups). I remember thinking on January 1, "It's harder than you might think". And yet, surprisingly, I've taken a photo of Kylie every day of January. I really enjoy being behind the lens. Each day I've kept the camera ready and have told myself that if the feeling strikes me or if I notice some nice light, that I would fire off a few shots. I've kept it casual and not too intense (shocking for me, I know!) and so far I like having these quick little snapshots into our days.

My plan is to finish out January with a picture each day and then evaluate whether I want to start again in February. I think I'll decide at the start of each month of this year whether or not I'll commit to a picture EVERY day or not.

Most of the time, I'm pleased with one good picture out of the plethora I take. Today, I got lucky and shot several that I liked. But then I'm forced with the dilemma of picking just one.

Today, this is the one.

I don't think that it is the best picture but it has special meaning to me because I have tried so many times to capture Kylie's hands. And today, I got lucky. The photo is straight from the camera and I think Kylie's skin looks luminescent. And she's playing with one of my favorite things, yarn!

If you are interested in taking on a 365 picture project, you might find this article interesting.. There are some nice calendar templates (I plan on using the Ali Edwards one). And lots of inspiration from 365 Flickr groups. It's not too late to join and it might be really cool!


Kerry Lynn said...

I have noticed the 365 thing a bunch too.
Since I stole your idea and took a photo a day of M&J in June I too was happy to not have that hanging over my head every single day.

I think the photo you chose is beautiful. Their little hands are so special and cute and sweet and I love to kiss them.

Audrey said...

That hat is adorable! The colors are gorgeous; it is no wonder she wants to wear it a lot. It looks so soft and comfy. Great knitting!

The Maven said...

The hat is really cute (on a very cute model, I might ad), but I have to say I'm very envious of the fact that you have no snow. You don't even want to see a picture of what our parks look like right now *sigh*.

I've been blogging every single day. Not taking pictures because my camera is semi-broken, but writing. It's good for the soul. With three kids I figure any writing at all is considered creativity, and goodness knows I need the time to do that!