Monday, March 23, 2009


Don't you just love how inventive toddlers are? Such imaginations.

The blue things in this picture are the posts for this very cool threading toy. Kylie hasn't quite got the hang of threading yet.

So she turns them into some kind of wild, padded, toddler nunchucks. I really need to get a video of her twirling these. You'll just have to imagine the Bruce Lee sound effects.

More inventiveness: this may look like a funnel and a box of toy food. But to Kylie, it's a hat and a seat.

And this is one of Barbie's dresses. But for the moment it is a very stylish arm cuff.

I just adore her sense of limitless possibilities.

We've been having typical Portland March weather. The sun will be shining but by the time I get Kylie's shoes and coat on, it starts sprinkling. Ten minutes later, the sun is shining again. Today I said, "The heck with it. We are going to the park anyway!"

I'm so glad I caught this expression below because it's a new one for Kylie. It's like she's holding back a laugh. It looks very "two" to me.

This is my favorite picture of the day. She picked up these little pieces of moss and put them on the swing seat. Lovely.

Lastly, we were at the mall on Saturday and there was no line for the Easter Bunny. So we made an impromptu decision to get her picture made. As the techs were getting the camera ready, I held Kylie close to me.
I said, "Do you know what to do?"
She said, "Sit on Bunny lap"
I said, "What else?"
She said, "Give him a hug".


Beth said...

She is so sweet. Gorgeous pics, as always. Where did you find that play food, by the way? I'm looking for some "quality" play food for my little guy.

Ethan Barry's Momma said...

Yes, their imaginations are amazing. I still can't believe the things that Ethan comes up with and says.

Love the pics, especially the "Two" picture. Such a wonderful expression. The Easter Bunny picture is great too...He and Kylie are matching.

Meg said...

I would love to see those threading toys in action!

And the easter bunny picture is too cute. I love this age so much, they things they come up with are so so cute.

Kerry Lynn said...

OMG! Madison makes that same face!!! I never knew how to describe it and I haven't gotten it on camera yet. I absolutely crack up when she does it. How do they know to hold back laughter?? They are just amazing.

Wendy and Karen said...

Hi Beth,

We got Kylie's play food at Toy R Us (it's just the cheap plastic stuff).

But I've seen some beautiful yarn and wood food toys on Etsy. It's expensive but it looks like it would last forever and feel so good in your hands.

I hope you find some that you love. It's been some of Kylie's favorite toys for a while now.