Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Just a few photos

I held her long stick and shook it (we were pretending she was the fisherman and I was the fish) and managed to shoot this picture too.

Our backyard is a big ole mudpatch. But we still get out and play.

Studying her reflection. This jacket keeps her very warm. But it's so scream-at-me bright in photos. It'll probably drive me crazy before Spring.

Most of the time, if she watches tv, this is the position she gets in. She loves to rock herself on that footstool. And it's not that cold in our house. The kiddo just likes hats.

It's not all fun and games.


Thank heavens for the creative bliss of scrapbooking.


Beth said...

Love all the photos! Still don't believe that Kylie has meltdowns... I'll have to see it to believe it!!! =) Speaking of which, Thursday is a "maybe" for us now. Adam has a runny nose which I'm keeping my eye on. I'll email you on Thursday morning to let you know. Sound okay? Really hope we can still come!

Stacey said...

love your photos. yeah, not always fun but still fun most of the time, right? ;)

Kerry Lynn said...

I know that screaming face all too well :-) I love that you photographed it.

I like her coat! It's a nice shade of pink. I know what you mean about being sick of it by the end of winter though. The blue coat Maddie has is the same one she had last year (the girl just won't grow). I had already grown tired of it and now I have to look at it for another winter!

MoonNStarMommy said...

LOLOL - I love how we, as parents, have to toss a screaming photo in once in awhile just to prove our kids we so carefully photograph aren't all angels.. LOL... She is still adorable, even when screaming..

Ethan Barry's Momma said...

Great pictures. The first few outside are so vivid and sharp. I love the "retro", faded look of the one while she is watching tv. What a great picture! And, of course, you had to capture the meltdown for posterity. Someday she'll look back on that and laugh. Thanks so much for always sharing.