Thursday, September 02, 2010

Bento lunches week of 8/30

This week I started including a cold pack inside Kylie's insulated lunchbox. It works great and allows me to send hard-boiled egg slices in her lunches. She loves hard-boiled eggs and eats every bite.

Hard-boiled egg slices, pretzels, craisins, chocolate-covered plum bites, cantaloupe, celery, blueberries.

Blueberry bagel slices, southwestern chicken, pretzel rod, grapes, gummi butterfly.

This was a roaring failure. When Kylie got into the car after school, she immediately announced, "I'm hungry." She told me she didn't like the bagels or the large pretzel; she didn't eat either item. She ate only half her chicken, half her grapes. So I fixed her another lunch when we got home.

However, I'm kind of glad about this failed lunch because so much of it was still in her lunchbox when we got home. I have been worried that Kylie's lunchroom teacher might have let Kylie throw some of her food away or thrown it away herself. I only had this suspicion because Kylie's lunch boxes are pretty empty when I open them at the end of school day. Usually there is only 1-2 chips or a berry or something equally small left in her lunchbox. So I'm pleased to know that there isn't any trashing of the food going on at her school. Even if it took a "bad" lunch to test the theory.

Turkey slices, mandarin oranges with sprinkles, pirate booty, mixed berry cereal bar cut into hearts, marshmallows.

Boiled egg, corn chips, yogurt covered pretzels, gummi bears, clementines, strawberries.

Kiwi, pineapple chunks, banana, carrots, cucumber, cheese, crackers, raisins, mini blueberry muffin, jelly beans, chocolate chips.


Laurie said...

Have I told you how much I enjoy these bento picture posts? I love them!

Teaberry said...

I love the cantaloupe/celery flowers!

Alayna said...

You are so creative with her lunches that I can hardly stand it! In a good way, of course :) My kid is lucky to get a PB and J and some fruit, or something equally basic. I'm trying to motivate myself to give him more variety this year, especially since it's only two days a week, so maybe your bento posts will help me!

Crystal Gem said...

Very colourful. She is lucky (and deserving) to have such great moms. :)

bearie1 said...

I also love these picture posts. And am constantly amazed at what she will eat. Elaine

Stacey said...

I love your lunches! I have to try some of these out. I've tried making food like fun but Riley still won't eat a lot of it. lol

Mimi said...

OMG your lunches are BEAUTIFUL!

Anonymous said...

I am in love with these lunches. I want someone to make these for me when I go to work!:)

Island Baby said...

You should try using the egg molds since your little one loves hard boiled eggs. They actually mold the egg into cute shapes that kids love!
You simply boil the eggs, peel while still warm(under water), and place in mold, latch close and submerge in cold water for 10 minutes to set, and voila! you have a nice shaped egg for your bento lunch!

Even, Amazon, sells them now!