Sunday, September 26, 2010


Homecomings. A day to be grateful for our Florida home. Saturday I caught up on a week's worth of laundry here at the house while Karen flew to TN to pick up Kylie. Thanks again to Karen's mom for taking such excellent care of Kylie. And to Aunt Amy for sending us updates and phone pictures. Karen and Kylie flew home today. I couldn't wait to sweep my girl into my arms. Kylie seems taller, longer somehow, more talkative and still just as sweet and bossy.

At home we played with the flashlight we got her from the San Fransicso Bay Aquarium, the 3D glasses and matching nature book with stickers that I picked up today. We colored a groovy butterfly mask together.


We enjoyed a yummy, home-cooked meal of roast, potatoes and carrots. And finished off the evening with some playtime at the park.

Oh, I'm so very happy for us all to be home.


H2 said...

How wonderful that you're able to take such trips. Welcome home. :D

Michaela said...

WELCOME BACK!!! *big hug*