Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Big day at the park

It was overcast and out of the 80+ degree temps we've gotten used to...a perfect day to play at the park after school.

Kylie crossed the pole-platform bridge by herself for the first time.

And she finally went down the biggest, twisty slide.

Oh, for those of you who might be wondering, the playground is a giant sandbox (this is Florida) so Kylie prefers to go barefoot. I snapped this picture before reminding Kylie (for the fifth time)not to toss sand down the slide.

It was great to stand back and snap pictures while my little monkey played for two hours.





Michaela said...

Awesome playground and even more awesome pics. :D Thanks for sharing!

Nada in Australia said...

Wendy the colour (different spelling down here!) in those photos is just stunning. Are these straight out of the camera, or have you touched them up?
Looks like such a fun time.

H2 said...

Lol, I was wondering why she was barefoot! How great that sand lines your playgrounds. I'm so tired of woodchips in my sneakers! Great pics of a beautiful little girl, as always.

Wendy and Karen said...

Hi Nada,

The first picture and the one with Kylie going up the rock wall are straight out of the camera. The others were touched up in Lightroom. I love my photos very vibrant and colorful. So I tend to increase the vibrance and contrast in Lightroom. I love the Lightroom program--it is so fun to tweak the photos with it!

Thanks for your comment and for being such a loyal reader. Warmly, Wendy