Thursday, September 30, 2010

Little Gym and Headstands

Kylie attends a Little Gym gymnastics class on Saturdays. And yesterday I signed her up for a sports class on Wednesday afternoons. The teachers at her Little Gym are really good and Kylie always gets a great workout.


But it's a bit disconcerting (yet funny and impressive) when I walk into a room and see the kiddo doing this.
She summersaulted over, sat up and looked at me sweetly and said, "Now you do it Mommy".

Oh boy.


Heather said...

When you do it please give the camera to Kylie to take some pictures!!

Loralou said...

haha, I am guessing you didn't...

Unknown said...

From 3 thru 9 the majority of my conversation with my daughter was talking to her feet or her hinney. She was always upside down. Oh the feet marks on my walls.

H2 said...

Lol, how does she get up there like that? I want to teach my girls to do that!!

Louise said...

Oh my gosh! I can't even remember how to do a summersault! Good luck?!?!