Tuesday, September 21, 2010

San Francisco

On Sunday, Karen and I flew to San Francisco. Look, you can see the Golden Gate Bridge (barely, it was foggy) behind me in the picture. Karen is here for a business conference and I got to tag along. We are staying at a hotel located right on Fisherman's Wharf. Lots of fun shops and great restaurants within a short walking distance. We had the most amazing bowls of clam chowder the other night. And I've got a great series of books to read. I read the first two "Hunger Games" books by Collins while on the plane to CA. Just devoured the books. I'm reading the last one now. I think a great series of books makes a vacation all the more enjoyable.

I had an incredible run yesterday. Five miles along a running path by the water to the Golden Gate Bridge. The fog was rolling in and there were lots and lots of bikers and runners. It was exhilarating and so memorable. I did the same course today but ran a little further--nine miles in total. And it was a bit brutal. I could barely feel my legs at the end of it. That will teach me to not let me legs heal properly between runs.

Sweet Kylie is staying with Karen's parents in TN. Her Nana, Aunt Amy, and cousin Emily took her to Dollywood on Sunday. Kylie loves Dollywood so I'm tickled that she got to go. At Dollywood, Kylie happened to see a woman walking by wearing a burka. Kylie loves to pull blankets over her head and pretend to be a ghost. She didn't understand why Nana wouldn't let her run over and say, "Boo" to a person who she thought was pretending to be a ghost. Kylie rode lots of rides, found some money on the ground as she's prone to always do, and had a fabulous time. She settled right into her "Nana routine" with Karen's mom in TN. I'm so grateful for Karen's mom and to have this wonderful alone time with Karen.

Not sure if I'll get a chance to blog again before we head back home this weekend. Just know that I'm thinking of you dear blog readers. Have a great week.


Lucy said...

I read "Hunger Games" in one sitting! Great book! I'm only mad I didn't have the forethought to pick up "Catching Fire" and "Mockingjay" at the same time!

Sounds like you're having a great time and keeping up with training simultaneously (bravo! no easy task!). Enjoy the rest of your trip :)

Jane said...

Think it's great you can have peace of mind over Kylies care and spend some time for the two of you- Enjoy !!

Louise said...

Holy skinny-minny! You guys both look fabulous and healthy!

Have fun while the fog lifts!

Teaberry said...

Yes, Skinny-Mini indeed! You look fantastic!!

I would LOVE to go to Dollywood one of these days!

Alayna said...

Wow, sounds heavenly! Enjoy your vacation and keep up the good work with the running! You're doing an amazing job!

Michaela said...

Aaaaw, how great!! Enjoy the time and bring back a lot of pictures!!!

Nada said...

Wendy you look fantastic! keep up the great work. I hope both of you have a relaxing time away and enjoy each other's company.

Stacey said...

You are looking great!!!

We stayed along the wharf too and loved it. Nice city.

Dollywood! I went there once!! Lucky girl. ;)

Riley can't stop staring when she sees women in burkas.

Kerry Lynn said...

OMG, I totally clicked to say skinny minny. Looks like people beat me to the punch.

Guess that running is working for you!

Great picture of Karen too :-)

Mo said...

How nice it is to see more of the photographers :) Even though it was business, it's nice to see you got out and were able to enjoy yourselves. Being from the midwest, the Golden Gate Bridge is something I've always wanted to witness.