Friday, September 10, 2010

Bento lunches week of 9/6

Only four lunches this week due to the Labor Day Holiday on 9/6.

Grapes, strawberries, clementines, wheat roll, macaroni, granola bar, chocolate-covered plum bites.

Turkey, pretzels, cucumber flowers, honeydew stars, blueberries, craisins.

Dried apricots, yogurt raisins, banana, chocolate-covered plum bites, dried apples, bacon, pretzels, bread.

And this was the first week using Jane's gifted bento box. Oh, this was fun to play with!
Ham sandwich, pirate booty, fruit leather rolled up, watermelon, grapes.



Caroline said...

I would probably enjoy lunch more if mine were like Kylies. I think that is so great that you do that for her.

I keep meannig to ask...what is pirate booty?

Teaberry said...

Awesome as usual!

Caroline, Pirate's Booty is like cheese doodles but less cheesy and all natural. They're delish!

Kerry Lynn said...

Maddie was looking over my shoulder when I was reading this and she absolutely loves the bear bento. She thought it was adorable and wouldn't let me scroll to anything else. Then wanted to see the stickers. She was studying all the different stickers. We were heading out so we went to target and got her a little notebook and she picked out some stickers. She sat for 45 minutes putting the stickers in the book and coloring crayons around them. She would have done it for much longer but my parents came to pick them up.
She loved the lunches and we talked about what was in all of them. She loved the different shapes and how everything fit in just right.
They are seriously like a work of art and I'm totally jealous that a) my kids wouldn't eat half of that stuff b) that I never have an abundance of good food in the house because they won't eat it and c) I don't have the motivation to do it.
I do wonder though if it was something I packed for them to eat somewhere else where I wasn't going to be with them that they be more inclined to eat things. They always eat better for my MIL. At this point they don't go anywhere that they need a lunch packed so I guess I'll find out when they go to kindergarten.

Missi said...

JUST WONDERFUL!!!!!!!! CONGRATS MOMMY!! I want one of this Lunches.
By the way, I just trying to copy some of them :-) Thanks you.

rikje_l said...

I LOVE, love love the book five minutes peace, that luckily enough is also available in german so I could read it to my babysitter kids. So great that Jane gave it to you! Greetings from Germany, your faithful reader, Rike

Island Baby said...

Those Bentos are so cute!
You might enjoy getting some new ideas from this mom. She uses those Laptop Lunch bentos to pack her sons lunches. Here is a link to 2 weeks worth of bentos that she packed for her twin boys. She describes what she packs in each one complete with photos!

Island Baby said...

Oops, I forgot to include the 2nd link of lunches. Here you go..

Kerry Lynn said...

You're famous hehe :-)