Tuesday, September 30, 2008

No distractions

Kylie had one of those days when she wanted to touch everything she shouldn't. And she wouldn't be distracted away from the things she wanted to touch.

On our morning walk, she wanted to grab the free newspapers that had been delivered to all of my neighbor's houses on the entire block. When we played in the park, she wanted to grab EVERY piece of trash there and hand it to me (or clutch it close to her neck and threaten to try to eat it forcing me to try to snatch it away). She was insistent on trying the big swing instead of the child-safe swing and furious when I told her no.

Back at the house, she wanted to rub fingerpaint on her face and ears. She wanted to rub lunch all over her clothes and drop food off the table (that second one is a big no-no for her). At the duck pond, she wanted to grab these wires that were sticking out of a utility cone. She had some toddler screams when I tried to distract her from that one. I told her to enjoy the plants and ducks and view dang-it-all or we were leaving. And finally, she wanted to grab balls away from another toddler at Gymboree.

The only reason we were out so much was that she was bouncing off the walls at the house. And at home, she tried to grab my coffee cup, my diet coke glass, my magazine and lotion bottle away from me.

Jeesh! I know you want to explore kiddo but give me a break!

At the end of the day, I simply collapsed on the couch and held my head. My darling Karen insisted on buying me dinner. So sweet. And after I ate, I put the finishing touches on these two pages.


Beth said...

Kylie is so cute! I just love your scrapbook pages for her.
My son, who just turned 18 months old, is ALWAYS into EVERYTHING, especially when it comes to things he isn't supposed to touch. It can be very exhausting (espcially when his screech comes out!). We like to think of him as "curious". Fortunately, he is such a joy... and I can tell that Kylie is, too. Love your blog! :)

2momswithaplan said...

It sounds like Kylie is starting to find her independence and test your patience.

My niece is the same way - she is 14 months. She wants to get into everything and see how far she can push the bar. She also knows that all she needs to do is give you that adorable look and she's got you right where she wants you!

I too love the scrapbook pages. Great post!

Soupy said...

I am sitting here chuckling reading about Kylie, because it doesn't make me feel so alone at this parenting thing!K is exactly the same, although we get SCREAMS along with full on- sobbing tears - it's exhausting. I just like to think it's because she is tooo smart for her own good and the curiosity is too much to control for her! LOL
Hang in there, you are NOT alone :) Love her!

Kerry Lynn said...

Hopefully it was just a flukey day.
Every day is like that with Jackson. That kid just likes trouble!