Thursday, September 09, 2010

Right now 9/9/10


Right now...I'm excited that my dad and his girlfriend are coming to visit. They plan to arrive on Sunday and stay with us until Saturday.

Right now... I'm continuing some minor house improvements. I've painted the concrete floor of our front porch; I've started painting our garage. I've finished weeding and mulching. We had our palm trees trimmed.

Right now...I'm proud of my running progress. I had my nine-mile long run on Monday. I'm averaging around 25 miles per week.

Right now...I'm pleased that I went to the eye doctor and got my new contact prescription. Things were getting a bit blurry. And I'm also pleased that I got a new pair of glasses to wear at night.

Right now...I'm in desperate need of a haircut or I would show you my cute glasses in a picture.

Right now...I'm knitting a pillow case cover out of Rowan All Season Cotton. It's soft and comforting to knit with.

Right now...I'm thrilled that Karen's finished writing the technical book she's been working on for the last five months. I'm so proud of her.

Right now...I'm grateful for sweet moments with my family. Last night, the three of us sat watching "Olivia" on the tv together. Kylie was sitting between us and was holding our hands. So loving.

Right now...I'm thankful for all my blog readers. You leave the most wonderful comments and you light up my day far more than I can explain. Thanks for being a part of our lives.

Here are a few more pictures and scrapbook pages.


early morning artist.jpg

2day haircut.jpg


Mallory said...

Really sweet post! Great job on all the miles!

H2 said...

Are your alphas ones that you have to cut and paste to get words or are you somehow able to 'type' them out?

Beth said...

such gorgeous photos! wow!

adam & i miss you both and wished you were still just 30 minutes away so we could have a playdate!!! any chance you'll be coming up for a visit? i'm sure you miss northern virginia so very, very much...especially during your weekly trips to the ocean! so jealous! ;)

kiles1670 said...

Kylie is growing up so fast. Please give my congrats to Karen for finishing her book, as I have said before you all inspire me so much