Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Here are some of Kylie's recent art projects.

I loved making this hippo with her. She picked up the package of eyes and just went to town with them. We now have a very unique hippo on our fridge.


(I was speaking with another mom of a child Kylie's age and apparently this "I don't want to get dressed" phenomena is also common of almost 3 year olds. Kylie loves her nightgowns and it usually comes down to time-out warning to get her daily shirt on.)

She ate a lot of fruit loops making this one!

She was quite proud that she glued all of the beads on herself. She didn't want my help with any of it except for wiping the excess glue of her hands.

Kylie colors with crayons almost everyday. I find it interesting that when she is having a "hard" day, her crayon strokes are big and spiky like this.

And this

And when she is having an easy day, her artwork is more contained like this

And this

I love observing her. It is endlessly fascinating. What intrigues me about her crayon marks is that, at this stage, she isn't mimicking something she has seen or someone else draw. It isn't learned behavior but rather pure toddler emotion and expression on her coloring pages.

And here is some of my artwork. You can click on the photo for the credits.
laugh copy.jpg






Teaberry said...

I love all the art-- both yours and Kylie's! The hippo is almost a little bit scary, though-- I am glad there's no creature in the world with that many eyes! Yikes! I guess that would be one omniscient hippo!

Oh, and the fact that you were a bee keeper is totally awesome.

Botantical gardens or petting zoo? The weather is getting to be more normal now! Just let us know-- any day of the week is good for us!

Alayna said...

I love all the art! I'm really impressed with Kylie's fine motor skills, too. Gluing on all those beads had to be quite a project! Thanks for sharing.

Nada in Australia said...

Your pages are just beautiful Wendy. You inspire me to keep going, and hopefully mine will end up looking as wonderful as yours.
I hope everyone is well.

Dodie Sa said...

Am loving all the scrapbook pages! By the looks of it, Kylie will probably be quite artistic when she gets older herself! Wouldn't it be great to have a scrapbook buddy when she's older =)