Saturday, March 06, 2010


Kylie and I were sitting on the big green chair early this morning watching cartoons together. She kept wanting to pull our Blue's Clues blanket up over our heads and have me tell her secrets. I was striking out on coming up with interesting secrets, so I came up with some questions. Here are the darling girl's answers:

What's your favorite color?

What's your favorite food?

What's your favorite vegetable?

What's your favorite fruit?
Isn't that the truth! Kylie ate two plates full of oranges tonight at our favorite Chinese restaurant.
I'm quite proud that she always says thank you to our waiter--both in English and Chinese.
(xie xie) [pronounced.. she-eh she-eh]

What's you favorite drink?
Apple Juice

What's your favorite show?

What's your favorite song?
She hums Symphony No 9 from Antonin Dvorak that was featured on a Little Einsteins show titled "Ring Around the Planet".

Who scares you?
Ursula (on The Little Mermaid)

What's your favorite animal?
Kitty cat

What's your favorite toy?
Sarsy (sounds like Starsky without the t or k) is a lion toy that we got for Kylie recently. Kylie fell in love with it and named her Sarsy. I've never heard of that name before which is cool. It's even cooler that Kylie named her lion herself. It's the first time she's named a toy.


ae1501 said...

What a delightful conversation! May she continue to share her secrets with the two of you.

Teaberry said...

awwww.... she is so cute! I love to ask little kids questions like those. But, my favorite one that always gets the most interesting response is "What's the best thing about life?" I once asked a little guy I used to babysit this question and his response was "Picnics". Too cute!

Dodie Sa said...

I love the way you record all the little details so Kylie can come back and read all about it one day1

Miss Plumcake said...

What a sweet blog! Just a word of tech advise though, you probably want to host your own images instead of hotlinking to another site. I don't mind it personally even though you're using my blog's bandwith (it upsets some people because we pay for it, but honestly I don't care) but if something happens and we move all our images or everything crashes or who knows what, your beautiful blog for your little girl will have big red X's instead of pictures!