Friday, March 26, 2010

Lakes and layers

I was looking through my picture of the day shots I've taken so far for 2010. I noticed a lot of pictures of Kylie's profile and the back of her head. Yesterday's lake pictures were no exception.


(These two geese were fascinated with Kylie. I thought they would swim away when they realized that she didn't have any food or when she started throwing sticks in the water. She was careful to not hit the geese and they just hung around her as she walked up and down the lake bank. For over an hour, they followed her along.)

Anyway, I've always tried to hold back and not have the camera be too obtrusive.

...Except for moments like this when I was beside her on my belly to take this shot.

But I try to stay ready, because I never know when Kylie is going to beam me a smile.
And even though I take her picture ALL THE TIME, I still have a little rush of energy when she smiles. Just enough rush to cause the camera to shake a bit, lose focus and give me blur instead of clarity. Then I simply shake my head and think "Oh well, the adrenaline got me again! Another blurry one."

It doesn't matter. The pictures are fine and more importantly, I had fun taking them.

Yesterday, Kylie went a little crazy over the fresh-from-the-dryer, warm towels. She insisted that I pile them on her and her babies.

She loves lots of layers on her bed at night too. She likes her flannel blankets and insists on four of them on her bed at night (and don't even THINK about taking one off Mommy!) In the morning, they are a complete tangle where she has gotten hot and kicked them around.

I guess that's all for now. Have a great weekend everyone!


Merry said...

Kylie has got to be one of the most beautiful little girls I've ever seen in my life. Those pretty little curls!! Those adorable little facial expressions!!! I just wanted to say thank you again for sharing her pics -- your blog is the highlight of my afternoons. My partner and I won't be TTC for another year, so I especially enjoy all the pictures that inspire daydreams of someday chasing around a kiddo of my own with a camera! :)

Teaberry said...

Great shots-- she must be a goose whisperer!

Stacey said...

love those lake pics. you totally took me to the lake with those ones. seems so peaceful there. and that one of her smiling is sooo adorable.

Jessi said...

She is absolutely beautiful! And oh my cuteness that gorgeous hair!!!

Anonymous said...