Monday, March 22, 2010

Park pictures, a story and a joke

We took Kylie to Clemyjontri park on Sunday and a snapped these pictures.


...and running (I wish this one had been in focus.)

...and more running

with lots of bouts of rocking in between.


The story:
Last Wednesday, Kylie had her weekly swim lesson and it didn't go well. It was just an off day and she wasn't interested in following the teacher's instructions or going under or anything. She just wanted me to bob her around in the water.

At the end of class, the teacher was holding Kylie and asking her to blow bubbles. Kylie was blowing them and the teacher was complimenting her. Then the teacher said, "Show your daddy how well you blow bubbles when you are in the bathtub tonight. I bet your daddy would love to see you blow bubbles. Blow them just like that for daddy."

I was a little surprised because I thought the two mom thing had come up with the teacher. She and I are quite friendly, exchanging chit chat before and after class. But I guess we had never talked about it. Anyway, the teacher said "daddy" something like six times in a row.

Kylie looked at her quite earnestly and said very proudly and loudly, "I have a grand-daddy!" I beamed at her. Kylie actually calls her grandfathers "grandpa" and "papaw" so I was pleased that she made the jump to "grand-daddy". But I was even more tickled that she went from thinking "I don't have a daddy" to "But I DO have a grand-daddy." It was a lovely moment.

Her joke:
Kylie is starting to learn knock-knock jokes. She told one correctly on Friday.
Kylie: Knock, knock
Me: Who's there?
Kylie: Boo
Me: Boo who?
Kylie: Oh, don't cry Mommy.

Way to go kiddo!


Mickey Blumental said...

You take fantastic photos. I'm so jealous! (It helps that you have such a photogenic model).

Teaberry said...

Nice response, Kylie! She's clearly quite a smart girl!

Clemyjontri is cool, huh?

Loralou said...

I love how Kylie responds to these instances. I remember the 'outer space' comment a while back.
I wonder how my child will react to the same situations.... I hope as well as Kylie!
When do you think is the right age to explain how our children are made?

E. from Pot o' Gold said...

I love her response, and I love how they can make these connections in their minds so much now that they are almost three.

Maya said...

Did you go on to the correct the teacher? I never know what to do in these situations. On the one hand I want people to know, on the other hand, I don't want to feel embarassed or uncomfortable (not that that kind of interaction wouldn't make me feel uncomfortable!)

But I love Kylie's response, to think of what she DOES have, not what she doesn't. This hasn't come up for us yet, but I kind of dread the day.

Love your blog and your beautiful photos!