Friday, March 05, 2010


Kylie and I got to play on our porch yesterday. There are still frozen patches of snow on it but for the most part, the deck is clear. Kylie was most interested in playing with the wind chimes. But she couldn't quite reach them.

Ha! Ha! Where there is a will, there is a way. I'll just whack them with my trusty broom!



After hitting the chimes to listen to them play, Kylie looked over at me and said, "This is how I say I love you in Chima". I asked, "China?" and she said, "No, Chima. Windchimes Mommy. Chima."

I love it when Mommy makes that "Aahhhh" sound. I know I'll get an ice cream sandwich later.


Missi said...

sweet little angel :-D

kat said...

chima. that's precious :)

Teaberry said...

Super cute! :)

Mary said...

Awww...those are sweet memories!

Dani said...

Chima! Write that one down so she can be reminded how sweet she was as a wee one!

Dodie Sa said...

So pleased you're back!

So cute! Kids are so creative!