Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What Kylie is reading - week of March 15

A Girl and Her GatorA Girl and Her Gator
This was a sweet find at the library. It's about a little girl who wakes up with a gator on her head. It was a special treat for us to find it because Kylie keeps a leggo crocodile by her bathroom sink. She plays with him and bathes him as I comb her hair each morning. So it was commonplace for her to see a girl with a gator companion.

Corduroy Helps OutCorduroy Helps Out
Kylie found this one. Corduroy mostly helps out by recycling. Kylie liked that it was a lift-the-flap book. A good one for general reading but not great for a nap-time story because she was more interested in lifting the flaps than hearing the story.

Bear's Busy Family (A Barefoot Board Book)Bear's Busy Family (A Barefoot Board Book)

We have three of the Stella Blackstone Bear books: Bear at Home (Bear Series, 6), Bear About Town and Bear on a Bike. We have read and enjoyed them countless times. So I was tickled that Kylie found Bear's Busy Family at the library.

Maisy Big, Maisy SmallMaisy Big, Maisy Small
Kylie picked this book (she had some great picks this week!) and insisted upon having it read to her three times in a row. A simple book about opposites and yet it really appealed to her.
Fancy Nancy and the Posh Puppy
Fancy Nancy and the Posh Puppy
We got this Fancy Nancy book along with Fancy Nancy: Bonjour, Butterfly. Kylie likes all the emotions Fancy Nancy expresses. I think I'll look for some Fancy Nancy books the next time I'm at my favorite used book store.


Clare said...

Hi. I love the fact that you put details of what you're reading on here - thank you. Can I ask at what age did Kylie really start enjoying reading books. Our son, Sam, is now 9 months old and though we've always "read" books with him he still gets very hyper over them and prefers to chew on them or close them than read them. I know this is fairly normal behaviour but wondered what age Kylie was when she was really interested in books and you started using a story as a pre-bed ritual? Still loving the blogs and photos - thank you for sharing. Clare x

Unknown said...

Hi Wendy! I nominated you for a blog award on my blog. =)

Wendy and Karen said...

Hi Clare,

I have pictures of Kylie pulling books off her bookshelf and flipping through them when she turned one year old.

In fact, I was so tickled, I made a scrapbook page about it which you can see here:

We started a bedtime routine of bath and story with her when she was four months old (at first it was Goodnight Moon).

I don't remember when we switched to just one naptime in the afternoon but we started reading two stories and then naptime. And Kylie is addicted to it. Now everyday, no matter where we are, Kylie asks for her two stories before her nap.

Hope this helps and thanks for reading!

Clare said...

Hi again. Thanks for your thoughts on the reading thing - we're going to start up a new bedtime routine of bath and book rather than bath and Night Garden and maybe before his nap too - great idea, hadn't thought of that. Loved the scrapbook page too - very cute! Thanks for your thoughts on this.
Clare x