Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What Kylie is reading - week of March 8

The Magic RabbitThe Magic Rabbit
I love this book.  It's my favorite for the week and it's on my wish list to get for Kylie.  It's about a rabbit who can pull any item out of his magical hat.  He really wants (and then finds) a friend.  The illustrations are stunning.  Thank you to Mouse Grows, Mouse Learns for this recommendation.

I was looking through the library for anything sunny and springlike and I found this happy book about bees.  For one summer, I was a beekeeper and I find bees fascinating and wonderful creatures.  So this book made me smile.  Kylie enjoyed the different expressions of the bees.  We read this one several times.

About a boy who observes and paints a green hummingbird zipping along outside his window.  Such lovely flower illustrations.  

My mom got Kylie this book recently and it is a welcome addition to our home library.  It's a book about blessing each animal.

A book about how and where a bird, a bear, a horse, a pig, a frog and a rabbit all sleep.  Clear and bright illustrations.

This is an ABC book and I enjoyed it's creativity.  For example, G is for gossip in the grocery line, I is for information on the Internet and J is for joke books in the jacuzzi.  

Kylie grabbed the simple board book and read it as I was looking for other books in the library.  She wanted to bring it home and I'm so glad she did.  I enjoyed seeing the African American girl and her funny teeth on the pages. The illustrations are lovely.  And I particularly like the artwork on the nap page.

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