Thursday, March 18, 2010

Right now--March 18

Right now I am...

wanting... Kylie's molars to hurry up and finish cutting. I wince with sympathy when I look in her mouth. And I'm pretty sure her runny nose and ear aches are due to the new teeth.

tickled... to have a kitchen helper. She put the grapes, carrots and pretzels on her plate for lunch. She cuts a banana for us in the morning.

bemused... that Kylie is once again between sizes for her pants. The 2T's are too short and the 3T's are too long (new 3T pictured here). And all of her pants are constantly falling down regardless of the size. She has lost her round toddler belly and has no waist or bottom to keep her pants up.

running... several times a week at Gold's Gym. I run 3 - 5 miles at a steady 12:30 per minute mile.

listening... to these 23 tracks as I run but I'm itching to create a new running playlist.

Create a playlist at

enjoying... my new summer scarf and laughing at my attempts to take a mirror self-portrait. I cut my head off in all the pictures I took.

grateful... for the sun, warmer weather, and signs of Spring.

appreciating... how my sweet wife understands me and makes me laugh.

loving... how my daughter can find magic.


Beth said...

Cool post! Love your hair, too!

Did you receive Adam's birthday invite? Are you all able to attend? Hope so!

Dani said...

I so enjoy your post. They brighten my day!