Saturday, March 20, 2010

Mushed in lips

Ever since Kylie was a baby, we've seen the mushed-in-lip look.

September 7, 2007


October 9,2007

We usually see it when she is deep in concentration or completely overwhelmed.

March 1, 2008. She's taking her first steps here.

Very rarely, it will escalated to lip biting.
November 29, 2008
lip biting.jpg

Mostly, just mushed-in lips.
October 11, 2008. I've asked her where her ears are in this shot.
where's your ears?.JPG

As Kylie's confidence grew, so did her smiles. And it became rare to see the mushed-in lips.

August 17, 2009

And then we have a day like today. Beautiful weather. Short sleeves on all of us (for the first time!) as we basked in the sun. We took Kylie to Burke Lake Park and it was packed. Lots of children of all ages playing all over the play structure.

Kylie really wanted to hang out at the top of the slides. But she was getting bumped and jostled a LOT by many older, faster kids. A couple of the bumps were pretty hard. And there it was.....that look. That look that told me that she had to sit right down. A look that told me she was overwhelmed and processing a lot of information and feelings. But it was also a look that also told me she was DETERMINED.

I held back and marveled at how she had made her way back to the slide and within seconds was going down it. It was touching to see the overwhelmed look and magnificent to see her quickly move past it.

My kiddo teaches me something everyday. But I'll bet you $100 bucks that on her first day of kindergarden, I'll see those mushed-in lips.

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Kimby said...

Your daughter is absolutely gorgeous! I love that facial expression.
Would you mind if I used one of her photos to do a drawing? You'd be welcome to have it when it is done, if you wanted, and you're welcome to check out my other works on my blog or DeviantArt page.
-Kimby :)