Thursday, September 21, 2006

The barcode scanner gun

Wendy registered online this week at Babies R Us so we could start building our own list of stuff we think we may want. We weren't/aren't planning on officially sharing the registry with friends and family for a few more months yet, but for us anal-retentive organizer types, having an online list of all the baby stuff we have our eye on is wonderful.

This afternoon after Wendy and I met Recovering Straight Girl and her Hottie Girlfriend for lunch (thanks ladies, it was great!), we decided to go to (where else) Babies R Us and look at a few more things that we were thinking of adding to our list. Well, when we got there Wendy went to the desk and they brought up the registry stuff and then gave her a barcode scanner gun so we could walk around the store and just scan items into the registry. Oh my! This was just way too fun and the geek in me loves any kind of technology like that!

Wendy and I both have never registered for anything....ever. The whole idea of being registered is like being able to write a letter to Santa with all your Christmas wishes with the hope that you'll find a whole bunch of stuff under the tree on Christmas morning. We were likely going to have a "healthy" list doing it online, but with the trusty barcode scanner gun, our list is very likely going to grow to gargantuan length!

I was having so much fun with it that I found myself seeing items for toddlers and thought "Hey, that's cool. I think I'll scan that"! Wendy was tolerant of my amusement, and was pretty amused herself, but we managed to keep the scanned items to only baby things! Of course, we're just 8+ weeks along now, so I have no doubt that we'll have scanned the majority of items in Babies R Us before spring!

I was thinking, however, that the "gun" made me want a holster. When I was a very little girl, I had this great gun and holster set with a cool red cowboy hat to top off the ensemble. As an anyone surprised I'm a lesbian? I used my trusty guns to shoot at what few dolls my mom tried to get me to play with. She finally gave up. Anyway...I digress. So, back to the holster idea. What do you think? Should they issue the scanner gun with holster? You'd have your hands free to do the touchy, feely of the items and then when ready, Draw! I think the idea has merit personally. :) Of course, if Babies R Us doesn't think it's such a great idea, maybe Wendy will knit me one. {snicker}

So, here we are at 8 weeks and 3 days into this pregnancy and have been to Babies R Us 11 times already. And now we have access to "the gun"! Anybody want to start a pool on how many times we'll go before the baby is born? At this rate, we're on track for at least 50 visits or so! The thought is a bit scary....

Grey's Anatomy season premiere is tonight, so I'm off to ensconce myself in front of the tube to take in the drama!

- Karen

[11 Babies R Us visits]


Stacey said...

I've always wanted to do the scanner gun! Too much fun! I could see how you could easily get carried away. Hehehe. Enjoy!!!

Recovering Straight Girl said...

We had a great time having lunch with you. Thanks for being flexible around Kennedy's schedule!!!

Glad you had fun the rest of the afternoon, can't wait to see that registry!

Estelle said...

Our friend Sharla forced us to do it. And then she just grabbed the gun and scanned everything!
Just don't muck up on the carseat. Please. If you want a baby bucket, you want a Britax, Chicco, Combi, or Graco. Nothing else. Trust me. And if you skip the basket, you want a Britax. Just whatever you do don't buy ANYTHING made by Cosco/Dorel/Eddie Bauer/Safety 1st!

There. My car seat lecture is over. Unless you email me with questions...