Monday, September 18, 2006

Eight weeks

Wendy here. Whose idea was it to put me up against a wall and take a pregnancy picture each week?!? Because I'm hating this week's picture.

What's up with this pose? NO ONE looks good with their butt, shoulders and hands pressed against a wall and then have a profile picture taken!! I know this pose is supposed to show the growing belly. But come on!! Give me a break! This is just crappy. Especially because I know all you pregnant people and mommies out there know that I shouldn't be showing at a mere 8 weeks. But I swear that my belly gets more bloated (ahem...fat) each day.

It's weird enough to look at myself naked and think, "Wow, my belly makes me look like a marshmellow on toothpicks". But this picture makes EVERYTHING look big.

(Case in point, when Karen saw me in this sweater she said, "Good grief..your boobs look big!)

It's killing me to show you this shot (and this was the BEST picture!! Aaaggghhhh) but I wanted to because I'm so dang proud of this sweater. I just finished knitting this sweater! I guess I won't be wearing it much this year but maybe I can squeeze into it next winter or in the years to come. This is my first knitted/cabled sweater and I think it's beautiful. Well....I did until I saw the pictures of me in it.

But I'm still so enamored of it that I think I'll show you the front, back and sleeves.

From now on, I'm sticking to knitting Christmas presents and baby blankets. No more sweaters for Wendy.



Anonymous said...

Wendy, you idjit!!!! There isn't any way you can look bad. The picture is great, the sweater is awesome and the belly is wonderful.

Maybe candid belly shots would suit you better!! Or perhaps BARE belly shots? Just teasing.

Love and miss you two moms to be,
The Meems

Stacey said...

Great pic! I was showing *really* early. I mean, bloated out at like 6 weeks and never got smaller since then--only bigger. So 8 weeks? Yeah, it's possible to start having that belly. :) (see my belly shots that start at 9 weeks on our flickr link on our blog)

And beautiful sweater! I'm jealous of those of you with knitting skills. Amazing!

wenders said...

There's an ADORABLE maternity sweater pattern in Interweave Knits -- summer 2006 - by Kate Gilbert... just saying.

And you (and your sweater) look FABULOUS!

Ethan Barry's Momma said...

Wendy...A lot of people start having a belly early; especially someone who is as tiny as you are. I by no means fall into that category, but I think that I started wearing maternity tops around 12 weeks. You look absolutely beautiful. I think that you are going to be one of those precious "preggos" with the perfect basketball belly. :)
Your sweater is gorgeous. I love all of the details and the color is perfect for you. You are so talented. BTW, thanks for Ethan's new knitted cap. It's perfect. :)

Anonymous said...

I started showing as soon as I peed on the stick, you look great!!!

Love the sweater, awesome job!