Sunday, September 17, 2006

A good day despite our "afflictions"

Being born and raised in Tennessee, Wendy and I have this strange affliction. It's called Volunteerus Footballitis. It doesn't matter that we now live 3000 miles away...when fall Saturday's roll around we find ourselves drawn to the TV where we search for the Vols. We find it by instinct I think. I can identify the TN football anthem of Rocky Top after hearing only about 2 notes (and of course can sing every single verse with great gusto!). Then, there we sit, glued to the game screaming and yelling and cussing as the orange and white drama plays out. Really, this is a sickness. It's something we just can't fight no matter how hard we try. We must watch Vol football! So, today we found our boys (led at quarterback by Hillsboro, OR native Eric Ainge no less) on the local CBS station and planted ourselves before the tube. Three and a half hours later, the Vols went down in defeat to the Florida Gators (boo hiss) by a score of 21-20. Crapola! Now, we have to wait on the wings of defeat until next week when we will not so mysteriously be drawn to the TV and the process will be repeated. You'd think there'd be a better way to spend 3-4 hours on a beautiful fall Saturday in Oregon wouldn't you? But, I suppose until they invent a pill that cures this cursed plague, there we'll be in front of the tube next week!

Before coming home to cheer the Vols in their defeat, we spent a nice afternoon out and about doing more research on baby furniture. We visited our routine set of baby stores (come on, you can guess...of course, Babies R Us was visited for the 10th time!) and were on the prowl for boy stuff. Believe it or not, we already have the stuff we want if the baby is a girl pretty much nailed down. But, we hadn't started looking at boy stuff yet. So, today we went out to canvas several places with a boy theme in mind. We found some nifty things that may just get the thumbs up if the little biscuit is a man-child.

Now, don't laugh too hard! It may seem like way too much this soon in the pregnancy but we can't help ourselves. Along with the aforementioned VF, we also have OPD (Obsessive Planning Disorder). I literally think it would kill us both if we didn't have every little detail planned out months in advance.

Despite our afflications, we had a great Saturday. Wendy even got wicked queasy a couple of times (once in the morning and once tonight) and had to have Kentucky Fried Chicken for dinner (which I promptly ran out and retrieved for her). She's happy as can be (even with the waves of nausea) as she's fully believing the baby's really in there and letting the mommies know the growing is going well!

Hang with us as we battle our compulsions, I'm sure the fun is only beginning!

- Karen

[10 Babies R Us visits]


Anonymous said...

You girls make me laugh! I'm so happy and excited for you, but I'm really glad that I don't have your Visa bill!

Let's get together soon, how about coffee one day next week?

Anonymous said...

I think it's great that you guys are going to Babies R Us to much. I love hearing all your adventures in finding baby stuff. You guys are so prepared, which will come in handy when you have a crying baby. Thanks for sharing your lives with us.

Wendy and Karen said...

RSG - I'm happy to report that we are mostly window shoppers. While our list is long for what we *want* to buy, we have actually indulged pretty sparingly so far! But, when we do actually start buying, I'm positive that Visa & MasterCard & AMEX will all be sending us flowers to say thanks!

Caroline - We are having a great time so far and are just so glad to have so many friends like you out there keeping an eye on us!