Thursday, September 14, 2006

Letters and apple juice

Wendy here. Thank you, thank you to everyone who stops by this blog and to all those who leave comments. Your comments make my day! It's so lovely to think of people wishing me, Karen and the Biscuit well as we travel down the pregnancy road.

Last night I was sitting on the couch, watching TV, knitting and trying to stay awake when I was hit with this feeling. It was BEYOND nausea. It felt like all of my energy had been sucked out of me and I was depleted, tired and just overall BLEH!! It could have been from the five vials of blood that was drawn from me or it could have been just regular pregnancy stuff. I thought to myself, "Damn... I guess I need to eat or drink something." But the only thing that had the slightest appeal was apple juice.

Of course, we didn't have ANY apple juice in the house. So poor Karen got to hear me whisper is this pitiful, quavering, voice, "...Honey....would you get me some apple juice?"

Up she bounded with her SuperPartner cape flying and went tearing down the hall to the car! Within six minutes I had my apple juice. WOW! What a woman!!

Lastly, I just finished writing a letter to my Nanny (mom's mom) to let her know that:
a) I'm in a committed relationship with Karen and
b) I'm 7 weeks pregnant.

Now Nanny and I have never had a conversation about the fact that I'm gay. But let me tell you, she's sharp as a whip and doesn't miss a thing. Everyone assumes she knows; it's just never been verbalized. So I don't think that news will shock her. But the pregnancy will probably surprise her.

So wish us both a little luck. My fervent hope is that she will be happy for me.

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DtDtKty said... poor thing. It sounds like morning/evening sickness is finally arriving. Oh, and we always have apple juice, so call us day or night and it's yours. Good for you on writing to your Nanny; I'm sure she'll be so excited for you.


Anonymous said...

more warm wishes from san diego here! now might be a good time to stock up on prophylactic antacids. heartburn often follows morning sickness. i love keeping up with your adventures. You and Karen are so poetic and philosophical sometimes. It's a real pleasure. new life is always exciting but especially so when the people receiving it are so loving and welcoming! has anyone recommended the body pillow to you yet? i still use mine. anyway, best to the both of you! lisa O

Momai said...

Yay for Super Partner, and yay for telling your grandmother. I hope it all works out for the best for you! Are you expecting a negative reaction, or do you figure she'll just shrug and let you get on with it?

Holly said...

ok...your nanny sounds like my grandmother. she lives in southern cali and i only see her once a year. she's met lois and while we've never talked about it, she's pretty smart and i'm sure she's figured us out.
i have to tell her the truth, about lois, about the baby.
you did it in a letter?
maybe that's not a bad way to go.
my 'nanny' is a little close minded and conservative, though. she's a huge Rush Limbaugh fan. not sure how that's going to go over.

Stacey said...

I have yet to send Angele out for something but I have decided where we go for dinner a number of times. I don't seem to have really bad cravings for anything.

The morning sickness always hit me worst in the evening. And the tiredness. I felt like you just described yesterday while at work. OMG, I thought I was going to pass out and sleep right at my desk. A candy helped me perk up.

I love apple juice though. :)

Good luck with the letter writing. I'm sure she does know, as you've said. Hopefully she can adjust to the whole concept of you two having a baby together. Angele's grandmother had little reaction to the news but I think in some ways, she was probably thinking, "How is that possible?" LOL

Estelle said...

Pfft. I was a bad bad partner. I don't think I ever got Jean ANYTHING. Of course, I don't think she asked.
My grandma was THRILLED to find out we were having a baby. I hope your nanny is just as happy for you.

DisneyBaby said...

Do you find Babies R Us to be an overwhelming place? I did when pg with my first and now I can enter that place blindfolded and on crack and go right to what I need.

Kidding about the blindfold part.

Heh. Ok, a lame attempt at humor.

I'm 18 weeks and still sick as can be. I can relate to that feeling. It's not fun. Blehhh.