Sunday, September 24, 2006

If you wondered what that sound was. . .

. . .it was very likely my poor, sweet Wendy retching her guts out today! While Wendy has been experiencing some nausea and queasiness with her pregnancy, she had yet until today had a "full blown" episode. But, today was the day.

I was in our office working a bit to try and get ready to be out of town this week. Our office is on the first floor of our home. Wendy was in the kitchen unloading the dishwasher...or so I thought. One minute I hear the clink, clink of silverware and plates and the next I hear this god-awful, deep bass, earth-shaking retching coming from upstairs. Unbeknownst to me, Wendy was hit with a wave of nausea and had dashed upstairs to our bathroom to get sick. Now, we have a half bath right next to the office, and close to the kitchen where she was, but she decided to go upstairs so I wouldn't hear her and get grossed out or anything. (She's convinced that my hearing her vomiting will send me into my own vomiting fit!) Little did she know that the sound she would make would be like the sound of mastodons mating (if one can imagine the probable decibel level of such an event)!

I heard the noise and for a half a second wondered what the heck it was before hearing the next bellow from above. I raced upstairs to find my dear one wrapped around the toilet bowl spitting and spewing. "Honey, are you alright?", I quietly ask. (Yes, I know...brilliant question to ask someone who is puking their guts out.) With a flush and one last spit into the bowl, she turned her ashen face towards me and with a weak, but very happy smile, says "the baby is just fine"! She managed to ask me to retrieve her a cool, wet washcloth, which I did, and got her wiped down and cooled off a bit. As she pushed away from the toilet to raise herself back to her feet, she looked down at the knee of her black sweatpants and noticed she had a few dustbunnies clinging to it. With a look of disgust far more retched than the "puke face", she commented, "that floor is really dusty, I have just got to mop"! That's my girl! Happy to be barfing and fretful about a few dust bunnies behind the toilet!

The day has been a long one for her as she's felt bad on our "yuck" scale at about an 8 (out of 10). We went out to get chicken nuggets and that helped for about an hour. A while later, we got a slushie from the 7-11 and a bit later still, had a grilled cheese sandwich at the nearby Red Robin. She keeps saying she'll take it (i.e. being sick) even though she feels like crap because all the yuck she's feeling makes her believe all is well with the little biscuit. But, feeling like crap is feeling like crap so I'd best end this post and get upstairs to join her and provide pets and hugs to my sweet woman... oh yeah, and to take her a Preggie Pop and be ready for a dash to the 7-11 should she request it!

- Karen



Stacey said...

Ugh, sorry about the morning sickness. It really isn't any fun. I hope the 2nd trimester brings on the "honeymoon phase" because I certainly feel great now and wish that for everyone!! :)

Except for the buttered popcorn I had on Friday at the made me sick later that night. I guess the baby hates popcorn.

Anonymous said...

If it gets too bad, don't hestitate to ask your OB for something to help alleviate the nasuea. I'm 16 weeks and still getting sick frequently so for the bad spells, I take Zofran. It doesn't cause any drowsniess and is perfectly safe for the biscuit. Good luck!

Holly said...

boy, do I remember that. Lois always tried really hard to be on a different floor when she had to do that horrible will pass!