Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Looking good!

We're back from our first appointment with our Dr. and are tickled pink (or blue...)! Our most wonderful doc spent over an hour and a half with us discussing anything and everything and then doing Wendy's exam and an ultrasound. Even my fingers are smiling as I type this! Both Mom and baby are doing terrific so far!

We first met with a nurse who took Wendy's vitals and went over the basics of the appointment. Wendy's blood pressure was 92/68 (of which she was very proud) and the first pee in a cup was collected. We actually had to go down a couple of floors after our appointment for the blood draw and were told we'd only get a call if anything looked out of line there.

The doctor came in and was absolutely great (a huge thanks to Recovering Straight Girl for her recommendation). She has such great presence and energy we immediately liked her and she put us at ease. We discussed everything from what Wendy is eating, and should (or should not) eat to all the testing options we will have in front of us over the coming weeks. She was great about describing each test, the risks and benefits of each and giving us just the right amount of info we needed/wanted. We also asked her about the comfort she and her staff has with lesbian couples and how we wanted to make sure there were no issues about my presence throughout the whole process, particularly the delivery. Her expression was actually quite priceless in that it was a look that said, "Duh? So, is there supposed to be anything special/different about you guys?". She even went a bit out on a political limb and stated her amazement that W got elected (ever!) and what was wrong with people (are they stupid, or what?). It was pretty funny.

Now, remember that Wendy's been a bit, shall we say, anxious/worried. I think there was just a tiny bit of her that hadn't quite let herself believe she was really pregnant. She needed the "white coat reassurance". So, after our discussion together, the doc did the actual exam. Wendy's face was pasted with this "I'm so zen about having a doc's hand feeling around inside me" look but I knew what she was waiting on. She was waiting to hear "ah yes...your uterus is enlarged". As soon as those words passed the doc's lips, Wendy's face went from zen to Bozo the Clown smiling! It was a wonderful transformation. We had our first (well, 2nd if you count the digital POAS test that announced the pregnancy) official confirmation, at least from Wendy's happy point of view, that yep...she's pregnant!

Next, came the ultrasound. I held Wendy's hand as the "condom cam" (thanks to Heather for that most perfect term) was inserted to give us our first glimpse of our baby. And wow! There it was! A little, half Cheerio sized, heartbeating baby! The measurement indicated we're right on target at about 7 weeks size and the heartbeat was 142. All throughout this process Wendy is holding my hand. Well actually, she was nearly breaking my fingers! She wanted to see it so badly as one more confirmation that she was really pregnant. So, when we did see that beautiful, beating little biscuit in there she nearly crushed my hand! All I could think was if she is this physically demonstrative for an ultrasound, I'm in b-i-g trouble when it comes to the delivery! Anybody know where a girl can get protective bonecrush avoiding hand gear? :)

Anyway, we both left with huge smiles and happy hearts. We feel so grateful that we're off to such a good start and couldn't wait to get home to share the news! So, to celebrate, guess where we're going? Yep...Babies R Us here we come!

- Karen


Update: The side of bed switch went off quite easily last night. I think it freaked the cats out a bit (you know how cats love change, right?), but both moms managed the change without incident!


Mo said...

Yea, what a great report! Your doctor sounds awesome.

Stacey said...

Yay! Sounds so great! Glad you have a wonderful doctor and that the appointment went so well. It is so surreal to see that there really is a baby in there. I know how you feel because even today I wanted to hear that heartbeat to really make sure the baby is alive and kicking. And 142 bpm is a perfect heartbeat. I hear all the really cool babies have that heartrate. ;) Hehehe.

Holly said...

how wonderful! so happy the appt. went well.
ya know, Wendy sounds a little like Lois.

Caroline said...

So glad to hear that your first doctors appt. went so well. I just love doctors that have great bed side manners. It really makes a difference.

Recovering Straight Girl said...

I'm so, so glad that you like her. I would have felt like an idiot after my glowing recommendation if you didn't like her.

Glad everything looks good and you got to see your little embryo!!!!!

Estelle said...

Sounds like great news all around! I prefer the term dildo cam myself, but your phrase is good too.
Hope you enjoyed BRU!

Brooke said...

Hooray for happy news! Sounds like you guys are starting off on the right foot w/ a great doctor. How exciting!

Scoutgjee said...

We switched bed sides too and they cats are still a bit confused. I'll wake up to Cleo's little face peering at mine - she's half confused and half angry that I'm not the right mommy. You both sound like you're going great.