Saturday, September 02, 2006

Let the scoffing begin!

Here's actual proof that we find it hard to wait for anything:

What is this you may ask? Well, it's the first furniture item for the baby's room! Our list for things to fill the baby's room includes the typical items such as a crib and dresser/changing table but we also have a couple of mommy items on the list as well: a glider/rocker and a TV/DVD player. It is the 2nd mommy item you see pictured here. Wendy and I are both movie hounds. We have a fairly extensive library of DVDs we both like and we typically have a movie playing most all the time. We even have a little portable DVD player that Wendy keeps in the kitchen to be able to watch movies while she cooks or while we eat lunch sometimes.

So, when we could wait no longer (no longer meaning we've waited 14 whole days since finding out we were pregnant), we went out and purchased a TV/DVD and small shelf/stand which will live in the baby's room. We already have a bunch of "kid" movies and a set of Baby Einstein DVDs that we placed on the shelf. The new TV/DVD player will provide the mommies with a bit of distraction while nursing or rocking or changing or soothing our new baby and, as we so wonderfully justified, it will also be there for our growing child to be able to use as well. Our further justifications for the purchase were: 1) we had a $20 coupon at Best Buy 2) the set was reduced by $50 due to the Labor Day Sale. was a "Labor" day sale... get it?... "labor"... pregnancy... delivery.... get it? It made perfect sense to us!

We realize that this is an extravagance, excess, exorbitance, frill, luxury, over-indulgence (can you tell I found my thesaurus?) but we l-o-v-e it! We just stood in the room and giggled. Of course, we put in a Baby Einstein DVD and watched the first few minutes of and ahhh-ing over the brightness of the pictures and the cool music.

Of course, our little cat Chloe wasn't quite so excited as we were. I swear I think she was trying to blow a raspberry at us at one point!

I suppose this is a far cry from buying a few gender neutral onesies or a bib or two, but hey....we felt indulgent! So...let the scoffing begin! I can just hear my mother clucking over the purchase and see her eyes as they roll back in her head. But, I can also imagine the little smile she'd hide (if only I could see her face from 3000 miles away) as she shakes her head and acknowledges the love her little girl is feeling about the baby that's on the way and how it wasn't so very long ago ( was about 40 years ago) that she was just as excited about my arrival and would've been just as extravagant if she could've been!

The question is....what will we get next?!?!?!

- Karen

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nursevest said...

Good for you guys. I absolutely love movies too. I think that was a great purchase. I told myself that I would never let the TV babysit my children, but when you have a lot of things to do and they are mesmerized by baby einstein, little einsteins or dora the explorer, then hey, I take advantage of it. I am so glad I can somewhat be a part of your lives, even though I am so far away. This blog thing is really cool, I like to read about other peoples excitement because I don't have too much of it in my life. Love to you both.

Gus and Moms said...

Great buy! It's so important to get things that are going to make you happy as well as things that are more traditional. Although with a 8 month old crawling around and pulling up, all i can think is "how does one babyproof that?!" - but that's my mindset these days - trying to keep gus from pulling things over on himseld, getting trapped in the blinds, etc.