Saturday, September 09, 2006

Don't Worry, Be Happy

Wendy here. You know there is a fine line between desire (I want a healthy baby), concern (Is everything okay with the baby?) and then worry.

It's weirdly true that I feel better when I feel worse. When my boobs are sore and I'm nauseous all day, I'm content. But if these symptoms subside (as they have for the past two days), then worry and more worry sets in. And then I read blogs of pregnant people who've been vomiting since day one and their symptoms seem so much more pronounced than mine.

How many times have we read or been told, "If you are experiencing vomiting, it's a great sign that your hormone levels are up and you are making a healthy baby". What the heck am I supposed to conclude if I'm not vomiting? Naturally, I think something may be wrong. But then I'm told, "Everyone's pregnancy is different. You may not get nauseous at all and everything could still be fine." Once again, this pregnancy business is NO WHERE NEAR an exact science.

So I was worried and restless yesterday. I just couldn't sit still. We drove by the doctor's office (to make sure I knew how to get to my first appointment next week); we drove to the yarn store; and we drove to the park so I could take a walk beneath the trees. And most of the time I had this inwardly-drawn, worrisome, sour-puss look on my face.

Well, screw that!

Today I'm tired of worrying. Today I'm whistling and singing the "Don't Worry, Be Happy" song (with a really BAD Jamaican accent) and Hakuna Matata.

Because dammit, I want to enjoy this pregnancy. Every minute of it.



nursevest said...

I never vommited through two pregnancies, not once. I had a little bit of mild nausea until 12 weeks and then it completely went away. You are doing everything right; you are doing everything you can that is in your control. I know it is hard not to think about what can go wrong, but try to think positive, happy thoughts. Your baby is going to be healthy, beautiful and perfect in every way. Don't think anything different. Hang in there, don't make yourself crazy and sick with worry, that isn't good for the baby, your cortisol levels are going to rise, or something like that.

Recovering Straight Girl said...

I'm glad you've given up worrying. Who needs it anyway???

The odds are in your favor that everything is fine, and they're good odds, like win in Vegas odds.

Please, please let me know how your appointment goes. I have a lot going on right now, so if I forget to ask, it's just because my head is up my ass...

Estelle said...

Worry? No, no worry. Parents never worry. Sheesh, I let my infant play in the street with rattlesnakes, because there's nothing to worry about.

Get used to it sweetheart. Because worrying about a embryo is not as bad as worrying about a fetus, and worrying about a fetus is nowhere near the level of heart attack that worrying about a breathing flesh and bloood in the outside world child. You've got a lifetime of worry ahead. Make peace with it.

But I am sure your babe is just fine. Although I know you'll feel better once someone in a white coat tells you that!

Stacey said...

Don't worry. I had symptoms that would disappear for days and then return. Just enjoy those good days and think of them as a break. :)

DtDtKty said...

Wendy...It is absolutey normal to worry. I think it's a true hallmark of a parent. Also, the more you know, the more you worry; it goes hand in hand. So, all you can do is to try your hardest to know that you are doing everything you can that is in your control and the rest will happen as it is supposed to.
Hugs to you.

Holly said...

This post made me laugh, because Lois was so sick for so long, now that she's feeling better, we want to see more signs that something is still going on in there!
It's totally natural and trust me, thank your lucky stars you are feeling great.
Hopefully the entire pregnancy experience will be a wonderful one and not a "get this ^%$&ing thing out of me" or "I'm never going to get through this" one like Lois sometimes expresses.