Thursday, September 07, 2006

Honey, don't mess with the straight people

Wendy and I go to a Jazzercise class 4-5 times per week...we're addicted. It's a good workout and the endorphins it produces always gives me a few wonderful minutes of zoned out bliss upon completion. A few days ago as we were driving home from class, a very humorous (at least I thought so) picture popped into my head. I had imagined Wendy and I showing up at Jazzercise one morning wearing hers & hers t-shirts. Wendy's shirt would say "I'm Another Woman" and mine would say "I Got Another Woman Pregnant". I laughed out loud at the picture in my head and Wendy asked me what was so funny. She chuckled and shook her head at me saying "honey, don't mess with the straight people".

I just can't help myself. Honestly, I've never been very politically minded and not been involved in activism. But, there are really times when I want to shake the "normal" folks trees a bit. So often as lesbians we are stereotyped and labeled before people even get to know us and I get really tired of some of the silly comments. I think I'm just getting to a place where I'd rather strike first in some cases.

The ladies we Jazzercise with are generally a wonderful group and know we're a couple and have been quite cool with us. But, I just couldn't help myself in thinking about their reactions to our pregnancy when we announce it. I suppose Wendy is right though and that there is a less "in your face" way of announcing our pregnancy than the way I imagined. I'll just have to keep Wendy's advise in mind: don't mess with the straight people. (Well...maybe just a little!)

- Karen



Ethan Barry's Momma said...

You are too funny!!! Those t-shirts would be awesome. And, I love Wendy's line and Karen's retort. Yes, we straight people need to be messed with from time to time.

wenders said...

Heehee. But sometimes the straight people need to be given the benefit of the doubt, too. I actually prefer that - because then one someone says something asinine, a well-placed pause or raised eyebrow can convey a really strong message. :)

Holly said...

that is hysterical. i wish i'd thought out it.
i have usually been more of the activist type where Lois is not at all. the first thing i want to put on my kid is a rainbow onesie saying "My Mommies Love Me".
But, I have to admit that my "outness" may be a little more subtle once a little one comes along.
Maybe instead of t-shirts, we will still have our own little ways of "letting people know"
I still love the t-shirt idea. tee hee.

Stacey said...

too funny! :-P