Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Grilled cheese and other musings

When I was a little girl, I would stay with my Nanny P. for several weeks in the summer. I was a finicky eater and bone-thin. My sweet Nanny would begrudgingly serve me chicken noodle soup everyday for lunch and my few favorites for dinner. But since she thought I was way too thin, she would look for ways to fatten me up. One of her favorites was to plop the toaster onto the dining table, set out some bread, margarine and cheese slices and open a deck of playing cards. We would play gin rummy (my favorite as a kid), and she would butter toasted bread and slap cheese on it and feed me sandwich after sandwich.

So today I had a Nanny P. toaster-cheese sandwich. I devoured it and could have eaten 10 more. Bread and butter!! Yum!! (By the way, what's with the pregnancy drool? There's so much of it! Makes me feel like a drippy-mouthed dog!)

Speaking of dogs, have I mentioned that I now have the nose of a bloodhound? No kidding. I can smell everything. I can smell someone smoking 3 blocks away. I can smell the tar of the road pavers several miles away. The bakery/deli/seafood sections of the grocery store are completely overwhelming.

And Starbucks. My beloved Starbucks. Last time I was there, I could smell coffee on my clothes, hair, and skin for the rest of the day. I thought I was going to have to shower just to get to sleep at night because the coffee smell on my person was grossing me out! So my wonderful daily ritual of a decaf coffee and non-fiction book reading is out the window for a while. Damn... I REALLY enjoyed that!

So today I went to the library. The simple act of walking from my car to the library made me sweaty hot, and then of course, nauseous. I'm trying to browse the book racks while snort-breathing and chanting to myself. "Just breathe, don't puke! Just breathe, don't gag!". I ended up standing in the fiction G-H section for 15 minutes simply because the air conditioner vent was located there. I hope the Gabaldon and Hallowell books I borrowed are good because they are the only ones I got.

But then I came home to the most wonderful surprise in the mail. 12 bottles of Bath & Bodyworks Lemongrass Sage lotion! Aahhhh. Bliss! My sweet Karen knows that I adore this lotion (which has been discontinued for some time) so she bought me some off of ebay. Thank you love!


nursevest said...

I remember the smell of a bloodhound. When I was pregnant with Kyle I was downtown San Diego with some people walking along the sidewalk and I said to the others, "Do you smell that urine?" Nobody else smelled it, but I sure could, plane as day. Isn't it so weird what happens inside our body during pregnancy, it's an alien attack.

Traci said...

I remember that smell thing too and my baby will be 14 soon!

Recovering Straight Girl said...

So sweet that Karen bought you that lotion. Hey do you want to come for dinner tomorrow????

Stacey said...

Saliva during pregnancy:

I haven't had the smell issue too bad but every so often I find I smell things more than others. Like car fumes lately. Blech.

I find my gag reflex is weird--I gag at more things.

Mmmm cheese sandwiches sound good. I used to eat Kraft Dinner every lunch in elementary school. My grandfather would make it with lots of butter and I loved it. I used to watch The Flintstones while eating.? My mom is surprised that I still like "Crappy Dinner" as she calls it. (BTW it's Kraft Mac & Cheese in the States. Here we call it just Kraft Dinner)