Friday, September 01, 2006

Gifts already!

Wendy here. Baby gifts already! WOW

Ever since I started singing "Rainbow Connection", I've seen lots of frogs. Frogs here...frogs there...frogs everywhere. And even though we've started calling the baby "Biscuit" instead of "Froggy", I'm still in love with the frogs.
Karen's sister Amy sent us this fabulous frog bib with attached teether:

Heather gave us this beautiful plaque and toy

as well as this pregnancy calendar...all in this great Kermit bag

And Karyn V. from San Diego sent us this sweet frame and knitting angel (perfect as I'm an avid knitter).

And today I had the gift of babysitting Ethan (his mom Heather dressed him up in his frog outfit for me).

I wonder why I look so maniacal in pictures. And what's with all that face shine? Is this the pregnancy "glow" I've heard about? If so, it's manifesting in a really greasy forehead and nose. What's attractive about that? I mean, I could grease a cookie sheet with this stuff (eeewww...gross...I know).

Anyway, lots of blessings!

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DtDtKty said...

You look absolutely beautiful...glowing not greasy. :)